Officers from the Police Sexual Assault Unit have arrested and charged three men with attempted rape on separate incidents at Avu Avu.

The Sexual Assault Unit worked with colleagues from Avu Avu Police to apprehend three men following incidents in mid-December and in January.

A 21 year old male was charged by police with attempted rape on Friday 18 January 2008 in Avu Avu after police detained him and conducted an interview.

The man was conveyed by police to Honiara where he appeared in the Magistrates Court and was bailed to re-appear on 20 February 2008.

A second male was also charged with attempted rape after Avu Avu Police apprehended him on 19 January 2008.

Officers from the Sexual Assault Unit interviewed the man and he was subsequently charged.

The man was taken to Honiara by police and appeared before the Magistrates Court on Tuesday 21 January 2008.

The man was bailed and is expected to re-appear before the Court in February.

A third male was also charged with attempted rape in Avu Avu and he appeared in the Magistrates Court yesterday. He is also expected re-appear in February.

Head of the Sexual Assault Unit, Acting Inspector Florence Taro, said both charges resulting from the joint investigation were a great result for the victims and police.

"The cooperation between Avu Avu Police and the Sexual Assault Unit was first class. The men charged for these very serious offences were still residing in the area where the victims also lived. For this reason, I am very pleased police conveyed the men to Honiara where they faced the Magistrates Court," she told Police Media.

Acting Inspector Taro warned that any form of sexual assault is a very serious matter and should be reported to police.