A committal hearing has been requested for the sacked Solomon Islands Attorney General, Julian Moti.

ABC Sydney reports that Mr. Moti's lawyer, Chris Nyst, told a Brisbane court hearing that his client has "an impeccable professional record" and has never been convicted of any offence.

Mr. Nyst reportedly informed the court that he wanted the matter to proceed to a committal hearing as soon as possible.

ABC Sydney quotes Mr. Moti's lawyer as stating that the charges are 10 years old and had previously been dismissed.

Mr. Nyst reportedly informed the court that Mr. Moti will fight the child sex charges against him.

The Brisbane court was told that Mr. Moti intends to plead not guilty, and will be defending the charges.

ABC Sydney reports the lawyer as stating in court that Mr. Moti believes "he is the victim of an underhanded political conspiracy by the Australian Government".

It further quotes Mr. Nyst as arguing that his client believes the charges were reinstated because he opposed the immunity of Australia Federal Police (AFP) officers in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands under Australia aid programs.

Mr. Moti will appear again in Brisbane Magistrates Court on February 15.