The issue of unemployment is fast becoming an issue for the young citizens of Solomon Islands.

As the first month of the year 2008 closes off, young tertiary school drop outs continue in their search for a job to generate income.

Catching up with youths in the main city centre, Solomon Times heard complaints that government was not doing enough to cater for the nation's young citizens.

It was suggested that government should have an allocated budget to cater for job opportunities, especially for tertiary students who prematurely leave the school scene.

Melissa Ziru from the Western Province said that the government should initiate means of employment for youths to gain work experience in the workforce.

"Jobs were easy for forms six and seven leavers in the past, but now it's a real struggle for some of us who are waiting on school applications pending and in need of a job to earn us income," Ms. Ziru said.

Another youth approached, Ron Lulu of Malaita Province, voiced that the government needs to recognise the increasing population of youths in the country.

"One main problem that is faced by a lot who are not fortunate to be sponsored is meeting school fees, and doing casual jobs is the only way for the student but it's so hard to find work on casual basis," Mr. Lulu said.

He said that the government needs to take up a visibility study to plan on how to address the issue of youth unemployment.

"This country has a high population rate of youths who are more or less intellectuals, which all passing governments fail to realise," Mr. Lulu told Solomon Times.

Another youth from Isabel Province, Carlos R., said another possible solution is setting a university institution in the country.

"It is good that there's been recent initiative to give scholarships based on aggregates because that makes it fair for everyone," he added.