As operations of the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Ltd (GPPOL) move into its fourth year, workers are complaining that their salary is not enough to make ends meet.

In an interview with Solomon Times, disgruntled GPPOL workers revealed that earning SBD$200 fortnightly "is just not enough".

A worker who does not want to be named added, "We feel that what we are receiving does not make up for the hard work we do every day for the company."

Another worker revealed that although it has been four years of work, it is just a waste as "there is no promotion, and we are not being paid our NPF contributions".

Solomon Times was informed by another discontented worker that with 6 months probation over, they expect their pay to increase "but it still remains the same".

Revealed one female worker, "Just imagine, women working on the field for years and earn only SBD$80, SBD$60, SBD$40 every fortnight, it's just not fair."

Workers claim that despite torrential rainy season the past weeks, they were still expected to work.

"We expected them to make increments for working in such condition, risking our health but it's like the authorities are being so ignorant," it was revealed.

Workers claim that another issue is receiving overtime that gets deducted down to "receiving our normal salary".

The workers told Solomon Times that the matter has been brought to the attention of the Solomon Islands Union of Workers "so that we can achieve what we want for our benefit".

They said that despite working for "a million dollar company", they are not getting what is expected at the end of the day.

Attempts to get comment from GPPOL management was not successful.