Tetere Police have discovered two large marijuana plantations with the assistance of villagers within the Tetere area.

The police media reported that on Saturday 12th January 2008, twenty matured cannabis plants were destroyed in the Reko Village area.

Police, with the help of village chiefs within the area, also located and destroyed nine plants at Wind Village, five plants at Lingi Village and seven plants at Dudula.

Within the same area, officers also located a massive cannabis plantation consisting of at least three hundred and eighty matured plants and 40 dried plants.

The total marijuana haul is said to be worth over SBD$300,000.

"The detection and subsequent destruction of the plants is a major victory in the fight against drug use which should see a reduction in flow of marijuana into Honiara," reports the police media unit.

Staff Sergeant Andrew Matakifenua from Tetere Police said the investigation into the ownership of the marijuana plantations will continue and the public should know that police will continue the fight against drugs.

"Marijuana use causes significant problems in our communities. People should be aware that Tetere Police will continue to look for plantations and arrest anyone caught with the illegal drug," he said.