Mobile users in Solomon Islands are complaining that they are receiving services well below satisfaction.

According to most disgruntled Our Telekom customers, the mobile service offered is so low in standard.

It was revealed that the network congestion is getting worse with mobile users who try to make mobile calls continuously receiving one of two messages: "network busy" or "error in connection".

"I am tired of having to redial to make just one mobile call, and it's worse in the evenings," complained Monica Lea.

A random survey around Honiara resulted in hearing the same complaint on the ongoing mobile network problem, with some blaming the 'December free call' period.

Customers also complained on what they have noted as "sudden increase in mobile rates".

"I had $50 credit in my cell and made a quick 15 minutes call, imagine the shock I got when I checked my balance to hear that I have about $20," another dissatisfied customer, Tony Sale, said.

Speaking with a senior insider of Our Telekom, he said that they are trying their best to meet the high mobile usage demand.

"Our Telekom is working on upgrading the mobile system to work better," the insider told Solomon Times.

It was revealed that work is currently taking place at King George area in east Honiara.

"We are upgrading the system at King George and the work will cover the whole town," he said.

The insider said that following all the upgrading, the company is planning on giving some specials within the mobile service.

Asked on the possibility that continuous congestion could be related to the recent December free calls, he said that work is being done to "sort out the mobile system".

"When upgrading is complete, we will reduce the rates of the mobile service," he told Solomon Times.

Our Telekom mobile rates are $3 per minute and from 8pm to 6am, it is $3.10 per minute.

"Rating in the mobile system is complicated because it is charged in six seconds," he explained.

Regarding competition in Solomon Islands, he said that Our Telekom did not have any disagreements with any telecommunication company who wants to invest in the country.

"We welcome competition in the country," he said.