The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is currently working on a major visibility project to establish training at the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education.

An insider explained to Solomon Times that the intention of initiating such a project, especially in an educational institution, is to help educate tourist operators in the country.

He said that the Government recognizes the importance of tourism in the country and realizes that a hospitality and management school will give local entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop their tourism businesses.

"The project will be based mainly on hospitability and management training, a visibility study that carries out needs from operators in the tourism sector and public at large," he added.

He informed Solomon Times that the level of service in the hotel industry is still weak and needs a lot of improvement on providing proper hospitability, particularly for tourists.

"Furthermore, this will also improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction thus giving small dedicated tourism operators the opportunity to compete for its share of the tourism market," the insider stated.