The recent surge in burglaries in the capital Honiara has seen kids as young as 13 being used.

The burglaries are taking place in government offices, retail shops and houses, the most recent being the building housing the Media Association.

Ms. Remola Malolo, the Administration officer for MASI, stated that after the office break-in, she and her husband have had to stay and look after the office after hours.

Recalling the event, Ms. Malolo informed Solomon Times that upon hearing strange noises within the building, Ms. Malolo and her husband alerted the police, who at that time were patrolling Honiara town.

When searching the building, the police caught a young lad trying to escape the building through the stairs. The boy looked to be about 13-14 years of age who claimed to have run away from an uncle.

After further questioning, the young boy was taken to the Central Police station by the police.