The Honiara City Council is taking the lead to re-build China Town, burnt down during the 2006 April riot.

Speaking to Solomon Times, Honiara City Mayor, Alfred Maetia, said that responsible authorities are now taking up the task to start work.

"Technical people such as SIEA, SIWA are looking at the infrastructure on the project of China Town, and putting together a budget," Mr. Maetia revealed.

He adds that the planning department of the Council is looking into ways of improving the China Town area.

"They are waiting on the technical people to submit the plans and, simultaneously, things will happen once implemented," the Honiara Mayor said.

It was clarified that legal rights are still on former shop owners who had to move away from the area.

The Mayor was unable to comment on the actual date when rebuilding will be in place, and possible date of completion.