The heavy rain weather that has been going for almost two months is causing flooding in some parts of Guadalcanal.

An Agricultural assessment report reveals that ninety eight percent of food in the Guadalcanal Plains has been damaged by flood and water logging.

It has been reported that all the root crops and vegetables have been damaged as a result.

The Meteorological Service Office informed Solomon Times that their records show torrential rain has been ongoing since Christmas period until now.

An insider said that one cyclone had already passed Solomon Islands and that currently, there is no cyclone warning for the country.

He said the continuous rain is because of the La Nina that is located in the Southern Hemisphere of the Solomon Islands.

The forecaster adds that heavy rains experienced throughout the provinces, "which is expected because we are also in the cyclonic season so it is possible to experience such weather".

Director of NDMO, Mr. Loti Yates, said that he's already submitted a request to the government for funding to support the flood affected communities.

The flood has affected a lot of communities including Burns Creek in the eastern part of Honiara.

Mr. Yates said that the request was made last week and a response from the government is still being awaited.