The Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement (CNURA) government is taking a U-turn approach to the 'Bottom-Up-Approach'.

Speaking at the launch of the CNURA Policy Statements, Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua said that while the approach is similar to the past administration, his government's 'Rural Advancement Policy' advocates "strong, healthy and co-equal partnership with regional governments and organisations, and other international bodies".

He said that this is in realizing the very essential developmental policy "for our people".

"We believe that precious time and fewer resources that we have are wasted, or lost, when leaders put power-brokering priorities over the needs of our people and country," Dr. Sikua said.

He stressed that CNURA advocates less of political rhetoric and more of developmental action in so far as decentralizing powers, functions and government institutions to the provinces "for the benefit of our rural people".

The Prime Minister unveiled that his government's six priority areas are reconciliation and rehabilitation, national security and foreign relations, infrastructure development, social services sector, economic/productive sector and civic affairs.

"... if implementers keep focused on these six priority areas ... we will be able to serve our people the way they expect us to do," Prime Minister Sikua said.