Police have increased patrols in Honiara after members of the public became concerned about a note that was posted on a tree outside the Magistrates Court Thursday.

The note suggested it was written by a member of the Reef Island community and was aimed at people from Malaita.

As a result of the note, a crowd gathered behind the Magistrates Court Thursday morning and then at Art Gallery Park.

Police dispersed the crowd at both locations.

Police have commenced an investigation to determine who is responsible for writing the note.

A number of people have been interviewed and the note has been forensically examined to assist in identifying the author.

Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Peter Marshall, said that police are working closely with Chiefs from the Reef Islands and Malaita to reach a mutual agreement and warns the public that any mischief will not be tolerated.

"Police became aware of the note Thursday and commenced a criminal investigation immediately. People living in Honiara should not be subjected to such nonsense. We are working with Chiefs from both areas to solve this problem quickly," he said.

Police numbers on the streets increased yesterday and this will continue until the dispute is settled.

"Members of the public should know that police will not be tolerating any misbehaviour from people involved in this disagreement" Mr. Marshall warned.