A tropical cyclone watch advice has been issued for the Makira-Ulawa, Rennell-Bellona and Temotu provinces.

Director of the Meteorological Service, Chaniel Iroi, says a low was located early this week at the eastern coast of Australia's coral coast and it was moving towards Temotu Province.

Mr. Iroi says the Tropical Cyclone Warning centre in Fiji named the low to be a tropical cyclone because of increasing winds and a deepening in the low.

He says the Centre has also already named the depression as Cyclone Funa.

"The system continues to move in a North-east direction towards Temotu Province. Currently it is located over the Northern part of Vanuatu. Although it is located at a distance, its effects are affecting the southern parts of the country - Rennell Bellona, Makira-Ulawa and Temotu Provinces."