The Malaita Province's Disaster Committee reports that those displaced by king tides at Kwai Ngongosila and Walande, Fanalei urgently need temporary shelter.

"Six families of 30 people have relocated to Atori on the mainland and at least seventeen houses and one church were damaged on Walande, while four houses and three kitchens we damaged on Fanalei island," the Province's Disaster Coordinator Pearson Simi says.

Simi says the total number of people affected on Walande and Fanalei is 131 but these numbers will be verified by an assessment team which will be deployed next week.

However, he adds that the immediate need for the affected people is temporary shelters as the houses have been substantially damaged.

He also says the Province is working on plans to support the communities of Walande and Fanalei with land acquisition at Tawairoi but this will take time. "The executive of the Province is soon to agree on whether or not an environment impact assessment of the affected areas should be carried out," Simi says.

He also said people in West AreAre who have been affected by the king tides have also requested assessments.