An eviction notice to the Kukum market has lapsed yesterday.

Solomon Times was informed a full council meeting was held at the Honiara City Council to talk on issues which included the Kukum market closure.

"The termination agreement has lapsed so the Council will be issuing court orders to all betel nut vendors to evacuate the area as soon as possible," a source within the HCC revealed.

The source adds that the market built purposely to sell vegetables and crops has turned into a squatter for vendors

Solomon Times was told that much time have been given to vendors building squatters at the place to move.

"Responsible authorities have given these people calls for evacuation since 2005," the source said.

It was revealed that another reason for eviction orders is health concerns for people living in the area.

"Health inspectors have been doing health inspections to the area and have concluded that the market is causing health risks and not a suitable habitation."

Various schools around the market vicinity have also raised complaints on the growing squatters.

Solomon Times understands that the HCC will rebuild the area and open for public a proper open market without all the unnecessary squatters in place.