The Minister of Home Affairs, James Tora, has declared 12 worst affected Wards on Guadalcanal Province a Disaster areas.

Mr. Tora made the declaration this afternoon following advice from the National Disaster council.

The declaration of the state of disaster was made under the Natural Disaster Council Act.

Mr. Tora declared the following wards under the state of natural disaster.

"Ward 1-Tandai; Ward 2-Sahalu; Ward 3-Savulei; Ward 4-Tangarare; Ward 5-Wanderer; Ward 6 part of Duidui from Matakura to Komate; Ward 13-Longu; Ward 17-Paripao; Ward 18-Vulolo; Ward 19-Tasiboko; Ward 20-Malango and Ward 21-Ghaobata."

The Minister appeals to every one in the country to respond with good heart by coming forward to donate any form of help towards those affected by the disaster.

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