Police are urging the mother of an abandoned five-months-old foetus to seek medical care for her own wellbeing.

This follows the discovery of a dead foetus floating near the Point Cruz Wharves at approximately 2pm over the weekend.

The foetus was seen by some ship crew members floating near the Harbour Master's Wharf late on Saturday afternoon.

Police attended the scene and took the body to the National Referral Hospital morgue for a medical examination.

Throughout the week, the Solomon Times has been placing calls to the National Referral Hospital, and Clinics within the vicinity, for any information. Unfortunately, the mother is still at large and, considering her current state, quite possibly very sick.

A spokesperson for the National Council of Women (NCW), said that these girls are sometimes fearful of what their families might think or do to them if they knew they are pregnant. "But its important for these young girls to know that there are many support groups, such as ourselves, who could counsel them, and if need be talk to their families."

Anyone with further information is urged to contact Police on Phone: 233O4.