The aftermath of recent floods in west and northwest Guadalcanal is slowly creeping into the capital city.

People over the weekend have complained of "very high charges" on vegetables "in the name of flooding".

A regular market goer said that sizes of vegetable parcels have reduced to half its size and prices soaring high.

"The market on Saturday was near-empty and vegetables on the stalls were so small with a price tag of $5 each minimum," a young mother complained.

Another consumer agreed that some sellers are taking advantage of the situation to make extra cash on the side.

"Imagine going down half the normal size and increasing the price, does not make any sense," she said.

Solomon Times was informed that not all sellers are "the actual producers".

It was revealed that "these women at the market" purchase bags of vegetables off producers and double their rate, "even triple the price most times", according to a regular peanut seller.

"I believe that if the producers sell their own products, they would be fair on their customers," she adds.

Most agreed that with daily price rise in all shops around the city, market sellers should be considerate in their pricing.

Consumers complain that while high prices on imported goods are justifiable for shops, goods at the market are locally produced so the excuse is slim.