The three days workshop on Freedom of Information (FOI) has come to an end yesterday at the Mendana hotel.

Ombudsman, Joe Poraiwai, thanked all the resource people and participants for their contribution, stating that the workshop will result in a draft FOI for the Solomon Islands.

Mr. Poraiwai stated that it will be the first of its kind, and will, in many ways, advance good governance in the country.

Meanwhile, Dr. Henry Ivarature, of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, stated that the FOI is an important starting point for the Solomon Islands, but the country would have to learn through others experience, to see how FOI "works on the ground."

"There needs to be a lot of work to tell people about the FOI...this is the only way to move forward," said Dr. Ivarature. Dr. Ivarature said that as partners to the project support will continue to be given to the Solomon Islands, in terms of technical advice.

Dr. Ivarature thanked the Ombudsman for the courageous steps taken, even though there may be a lack of understanding on FOI issues by the general populace and even within government.