People in Northwest Guadalcanal who have been affected by recent flooding are not satisfied with how Guadalcanal province is conducting its relief response.

Victor Tadakusu from Tamboko who has long worked in the Agriculture Ministry and had experience in assessing disaster affected regions questions the province's long term relief plan for the people.

Tadakusu says last week when relief supplies were given to people in Northwest Guadalcanal, some families of eight or nine people only received 12 kilograms of rice, six cans of tuna, six packets of sugar and six packets of noodles.

He says the rations have all ran out.

Mr. Tadakusu says all gardens and edible root crops were being washed away by flooding and it would take four or five months to harvest any new gardens.

He says the people have heard through the media that so much money has been received by the province in their name, but the level of relief assistance received so far does not match the amounts of money donated.

He says someone needs to monitor the distribution of assistance so that supplies are not siphoned off to other parts of Guadalcanal that were not affected by the disaster.

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