The Malaita Disaster Committee is preparing to send an Environmental Impact Assessment Team to the two islands Kwai and Ngongosila which have been affected by flash flooding caused by last week's king tides.

Malaita Disaster Coordinator, Pearson Simi, told SIBC News he was present at the two islands to witness the intrusion of the king tides.

He says flooding has made the two islands to give out bubbling sounds, an indication that the base of the islands no longer hold together.

Mr. Simi says the king tides have washed away two houses and left behind 10 homes which were partly damaged.

He says although the kings tides have passed, normal high tide is claiming higher areas and is washing away new shorelines.

Meanwhile, Mr. Simi says four families have already evacuated Kwai island to the mainland and some more are expected to follow.

He says school children of Kwai primary school are psychologically affected and facing the constant fear as to what time the high waves would return again to their school.

Mr. Simi says the people of Kwai and Ngongosila islands really need help.

He says with the help of the Malaita provincial government, an Environmental Impact Assessment team is being assembled to go to the two islands as soon as possible.

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