Australian High Commissioner, Peter Hooton, has met with Prime Minister Sikua to convey Australia's concern for the welfare of Solomon Islanders affected by flooding in Guadalcanal Province and to offer Australian assistance.

Australia has since pledged SBD500,000 in emergency humanitarian assistance to respond to the floods.

This includes SBD250,000 for the Solomon Island's Red Cross and SBD250,000 for the National Disaster Management Office.

This funding will allow the Red Cross to restock and distribute emergency supplies, such as household relief kits, to affected communities.

Support to the National Disaster Management Office will assist the Solomon Islands Government with its rapid response efforts to provide emergency food, water, shelter and other essential supplies to villagers.

The Australian Defence Cooperation Program is also providing fuel for the patrol boat Lata to transport emergency aid and assessment teams.

Australia is providing additional assistance through RAMSI Participating Police Force, which is working together with Solomon Island counterparts to provide assistance. This includes the distribution of humanitarian assistance, medical evacuations and the evacuations of teachers and students.

Australian officials will continue to work with Solomon Islands authorities and stand ready to provide further assistance.

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