Crime rates in and around the Henderson area is on the increase, residents in the area say.

Concerned residents told Solomon Times that the rate of theft and petty crime is worrying many. "Some are thinking of moving out, that's how bad it has become," said one resident.

He said that in the recent months car theft, house break-ins and even attempted rapes have occurred, "and sometimes in broad daylight." "We have had three homes robbed three nights in a row and it is surprising how all these houses could be robbed and they are not caught."

"We have heard form victims of such criminal activities saying that there are mobs running around at night in dark areas of the Henderson airport, which we believe are responsible."

Police officers from the nearby police post say that it is often difficult to track these criminals because of "the lack of cooperation by the people living in small villages around the area."

The Police are calling on the communities in the Henderson area to cooperate with the police if they would want these criminals caught. "We believe these criminals live in the area, and people are aware of who they are but are afraid to come forward."