The Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena and RAMSI Special Coordinator, Graeme Wilson, paid a joint post-flood visit to Selwyn College today.

The visit was made to get first hand information about the difficult post flood situation that washed through the school last week.

Sir Nathaniel and Mr. Wilson used the opportunity to discuss with school principle Father Davidson Ngwaeramo and witness current efforts to clean up the mess left by the floods.

The school's dormitories and other facilities have suffered extensive mud levels and damages to school gardens.

Father Davidson said the school's immediate need now is a massive clean-up to facilities and the restoration of safe drinking water for staff members and their families who currently reside at the school.

The school's water supply was only restored today after a new pump was installed.

However, Father Davidson said water is still unsafe for consumption.

Mr. Wilson also used the visit to donate gifts of food and bottled water to assist the school Community who depend heavily on relief supplies following last week's flash floods.

Sir Nathaniel said it is a sad experience for one of the country's leading National Secondary Schools which bore the brunt of double floods - the first during the deadly cyclone Namu in 1986 and last week's flood which killed at least 10 people in West Guadalcanal.

The two leaders also flew over other devastated areas in West Guadalcanal including a village along the Sasa River which was completely wiped out in the floods.

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