A landowner has questioned the credibility and capability of the ASG Mining Group, as it re-opens the gold ridge mining project.

The landowner, who wished to remain anonymous, said that since starting operations some four years ago, "they have not been fully informed of what is going on leaving landowners confused, frustrated and angry."

He stated that landowners have waited long to see some positive indication of mining operations at the gold ridge. "However there has not been any gold pour as yet, despite promises for the first gold pour have been announced."

He added that as an important stakeholder to this national project, there is a need for them (landowners) to know the truth behind the long delay, "ASG has an obligation to tell this nation why they haven't started actual mining at the gold ridge."

The landowner said that the Prime Minister Derek Sikua and Hon. Edward Huniehu last year spoke highly of the project. "Both leaders said that it is national priority project for CNURA government and they will support it," he added.

The landowner said that if the government is truly supportive of the project then "they should try and review and re-look at the profile of the ASG."

The landowner said that he strongly believes that "the ASG is still currently trying to convince its financers to fund the project...and I think they are never convinced, although there have been significant results in gold deposits as a result of ongoing infill drilling program and metallurgical test work in the past 3 years."

Our source called on the CNURA government, provincial government and landowner's council to consolidate a task force and immediately investigate the real cause of the delay.

"Landowners of gold ridge want a serious and reputable investor in return for sacrificing our land for this national project amidst these trying times when the world is facing the global financial crisis," said the landowner.

Despite many attempts, Solomon Times was not able to get the ASG Mining Group to comment on the issue.