People in Choiseul Province still value their "sako", a string bag made out of a tree called 'mondo' in their dialect.

Doreen Amigula, 87, from Nukiki village in Choiseul Province told Solomon Times that although people use modern equipment nowadays to sew the string bag, the style is still the same.

She said making the bag is hard work when it comes to finding the right tree to use its skin and throw the 'quru' away.

"We use the soft parts of the bark, taking out the 'quru' (slipperiness) before making the ropes."

She said threading is the next step which takes up to a week to create the string bag.

For some who do not have anything else to do, it takes them only three days to complete a bag.

Mrs. Amigula said the bag was a significant carrier for women of Choiseul Province in the heathen days.

"Even if there's nothing inside, it's a common sight to see the bag hanging behind their head," she said.

She adds that the 'sako' is one of Choiseul's main identity and a pride that is still widely used even to this day.

Mrs. Amigula stressed that even living amid civilization, "we should not turn a blind eye to our traditional identity."