Celebrations for Choiseul Province's 2nd Appointed Day will be different this year.

The province's Premier, Jackson Kiloe, said instead of centralizing celebrations to the provincial capital, celebration will take place in each provincial ward.

"We realized that celebration has always been for those living in the capital headquarters while the majority in provincial wards missed out on the excitement," he said.

He said people from Choiseul working in Taro will go back to their respective wards and celebrate the 2nd appointed day on the 25th of this month with their relatives.

"The 2nd appointed day is a time for people to get together and honour and respect their provinces," Mr. Kiloe said.

Premier Kiloe said the occasion will be a time for people to be together and have a true sense of belonging in their community.

"It is not a time to be giving grants to people but a time to be part of each other in a community."