RAMSI Special Coordinator Graeme Wilson personally expressed his condolences to the Prime Minister and Premier of Guadalcanal as he made available a RAMSI helicopter for them to inspect areas affected by recent flooding.

Mr Wilson conveyed to both leaders, their governments and the people of the Solomon Islands his deep concern and that of all RAMSI personnel for the welfare of Solomon Islanders affected by flooding in Guadalcanal Province.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families at this time," Mr Wilson said.

The Special Coordinator briefed the Prime Minister and Premier about RAMSI's support to the relief effort through RAMSI's Participating Police Force, military and civilian development advisers.

"RAMSI has been assisting Solomon Island counterparts with transportation, damage assessment, humanitarian assistance and medical evacuations," Mr Wilson said.

"We are prepared to provide further assistance as appropriate, and we continue to work closely with Solomon Island Government agencies to this end."

Mr Wilson said RAMSI is organizing an appeal among RAMSI personnel for food, clothing and essential items to be donated to relief agencies working directly with affected communities.

"RAMSI personnel across the mission share a strong desire to join hands and help Solomon Islanders and the agencies working with them to respond to this disaster as quickly and appropriately as possible."

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