The health promotion office within the Ministry of Health has set preventive measures to the public on health.

Representatives from the health promotions office stressed that with the rainy season in the country the past week, there is high risk of breakouts such as diarrhea, flu, cough, red eye among other diseases.

Local nurses from local clinics around the town have also warned people from the effects and aftermaths of the rain.

"This is not a new subject for people, they know the risks of catching viruses so it is best to put across preventive measures," a nurse Mary from the Mbokona clinic said.

She stressed on the need for people to be aware of the many health risks that people would be easily exposed to.

"There are many risks and if people are not taking good care of themselves, the possibility of catching outbreaks circulating is high."

She said a lot of sick patients are "just being very careless" as the unsteady weather pattern continues in the country.