A prompt response by Royal Solomon Islands Police patrols calmed down a brawl that occurred at the Borderline market at approximately 5.30pm on Tuesday.

Initial investigation revealed that the conflict may have been a fall-out from Monday night's incident during which two police officers were attacked by a group of men at the Borderline Police Post.

Relatives of the injured officers turned up at the family residence of the suspects and demanded compensation for the previous incident.

Police patrols attended at the market, including Acting Police Commissioner Peter Marshall and Acting Deputy Commissioner Operation Edmond Sikua. The disputing parties were warned that any breaches of the law may result in their apprehension and charges.

Police officers spoke with representatives from both family groups and they have agreed to cooperate with police.

"I am pleased that both parties have made the right decision to work with police to solve this matter peacefully," Commissioner Marshall said.

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