The recent visit of the Prime Minister, Dr. Sikua, to the ministry of Police, National Security and the Correctional Services had been described as an added moral booster to the workers.

The Minister of Police, National Security and Correctional Services, Stanley Manetoali said Dr Derek Sikua's visit was timely because a marked improvement in policing in Solomon Islands have been reported.

He told the Prime Minister that the members of the Police Force and the Correctional Services were Jubilant with the visit, the first by any Prime Minister since independence in 1978.

In response, Prime Minister Sikua said everyone has done remarkably well considering the constraints of 2009 caused by the current global financial crisis.

But he said he liked what he saw at Rove in particular the continuing efforts to ascertain the rule of Law and maintaining stable peace in Solomon Islands.

Dr. Sikua described the staff of both the Police Force and the Correctional Services as highly qualified and professional adding that they need the encouragement to remain so.

Permanent Secretary, Mr. George Heile said the two divisions are tasked with huge responsibility of ascertaining peace and harmony, adding they were short of staff last year, but they are now in full force.

But Heile said they need the cooperation of other ministries especially with their plans for infrastructure development.

During the same visit Prime Minster, Dr. Derek Sikua congratulated the Commissioner of Correctional Services, Francis Haisoma for his appointment to the highest post in the Correctional Service in 2008. He described the leadership of Francis Haisoma as exceptional.

Dr Sikua said under Mr. Haisoma's leadership, the Correctional Services can become the leader in the South Pacific Region, adding the correctional services are a good example of a department that executes public service duties.

In response, Mr. Haisoma assured the Prime Minister that although his department is small, he and his staff will do their utmost to serve Solomon Islands.

Dr. Sikua said his CNURA government would continue to support the correctional Services and would request donor partners to offer a helping hand.

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