The Makira-Ulawa Provincial Disaster Committee has reported that more than sixteen villages in Central Makira and six villages in Rawo on the weather coast have lost their food gardens to the floods last month.

Mr Neo said almost two thousand people have been affected in Central Makira and almost 1-thousand in Rawo.

"The bulk of damages were on food gardens and only Marogu clinic in Haununu was damaged by strong winds. The clinic lost its entire roof and authorities will go there this week to see it and determine likely costs to repair it," said Neo.

He also said that the most affected villages in Central Makira were Huhu, Takeanapara, Tawangisi, Tahitarau, tero, Farmer, Mwanitawa, Wash teeth, Mwanikawa, Robosirawa, Maepua, Thiasi, Sawmill, Waiapuna, Kirihiniua and Riri.

"Those on the weather coast are Marunga, Parego, Apurahe, Piruma, Waimarega and Marogu. The total number of households affected is 366, the total population affected 1924, partly damaged gardens, 337 and those destroyed were 144," said Neo.
He said in all three wards were worst affected and they are 19, 20 and 9.

Mr Neo also said the MUPDC has also deployed another assessment team to east Makira and it is due back in KiraKira this Wednesday. He also added that a new report about damages to rice farms by water logging problems was received from Ugi Island today and a team will be mobilized to assess on Thursday.

The NDMO says these reports will be included with others from east and west Guadalcanal, Savo and Malaita.

"As soon as funds are available, food procurement and distributions will go ahead," the NDMO said.

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