South Pacific Oil Company has officially launched their new lubricant products on Friday at the Mendana Hotel.

SPO has pulled out from the Shell and now ordering lubricants from Tru-Blu Oil Limited, which is 100 percent Australian made and 100 percent Australian owned.

Speaking with the SPO Sales and Marketing Manager, Joe Diau, said that the new lubricants ordered from Tru-Blu are much cheaper than the products from Shell Company.

Mr. Diau told Solomon Times that SPO have earlier been ordering lubricants from Shell Company in Singapore.

"But now it is cheaper because we are ordering from Australia," he adds.

He stated that the lubricants are no different to the products ordered from Shell, but they will definitely benefit from the pricing.

Solomon Times was informed that ordering from Shell in Singapore is two times more expensive than Tru-Blu which is cheap due to low freight rates.

Mr. Diau said products of the new oils will always arrive two to three weeks after ordering "unlike Shell who orders from Singapore, it takes time to arrive at our port, usually about seven months."

He adds that the SPO service is "reliable for both the company and our customers who definitely benefit from our service".

Mr. Diau stated that the new lubricants has arrived last month and also started selling at the end of last year.

The Sales and Marketing Manager is pleased with the sales outcome of the new lubricants, "we have seen a huge difference in our sales division. So in our next order, we will increase the number of oils.

Mr. Diau stated that SPO is now taking one step to help local businesses in town and later expanding to introduce the new oils in other provinces.

"SPO wants to give better quality and services to its customers and our goal is to increase our sales for good intake of customers".