The Royal Solomon Islands Police will continue to support the National Disaster Council and the Guadalcanal Provincial representatives in helping flood victims.

Acting Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall, said that 150 police personnel are on stand by to assist the provincial council.

The RSIP Patrol Boat Lata has been taking trips to the western parts of Guadalcanal since last Friday and helped evacuate 79 people from Selwyn College.

"Patrol Boat Lata was made available to the council to assist during the flood disaster," Mr. Marshall told a press conference.

Police had also arranged the visiting French patrol vessel, La Glorious, to be available for deployment Monday evening and Tuesday by the council, because they would not be able to be deployed by the Provincial Council and the NDMO.

"The French vessel that left Tuesday evening have traveled to the north-west of Guadalcanal at their own initiative and supplied to about 30 villages French food and water to help the people to be self sufficient for the next three to four days."

Mr. Marshall said police personnel will remain available for deployment to assist disaster council representatives "and we will continue to have that commitment until such time we are no longer required."