More political upheaval occurred yesterday as the Solomon Islands Government and the Opposition prepare for the Motion of No Confidence to be debated today.

The Office of Prime yesterday confirmed that the Hon. Prime Minister Danny Philip has sacked his Finance Minister, Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo and Public Service Minister, Hon. Rick Hou.

Prime Minister Philip reportedly accused the two government ministers of undermining the NCRA government and its leadership.

Hon. Philip however is yet to announce any replacement for the sacked ministers.

The sacking of the two ministers followed earlier resignations by three other government ministers who submitted their letters of resignation on Wednesday night.

The three are Police Minister Clay Forau, Mines and Energy Minister Moses Garu and Agriculture Minister Cornelly Sandakabatu.

The resignation move is understood to be related to the alleged abuse of more than 7-million of the 10-million dollars allocated under the discretionary fund by the Republic of China government.

In their letter of resignation, the Ministers stated they no longer have confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Danny Philip and his government.

The three Ministers stated that they consider the actions of the Prime Minister to be misuse of funds, abuse of office and intent to deceive Cabinet.

The latest political development emerged in the face of a looming No Confidence Motion in the Prime Minister Danny Philip.

Opposition Leader Derek Sikua filed the No Confidence Motion, and expects to table it in parliament today.

In a statement, Dr. Sikua said he is confident that the Motion of No Confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Danny Philip will have the support of more than 31 MPs.

He said the MPs will come from the Opposition and Independent Groups in Parliament, MPs in the Pacific Casino camp led by the North West Guadalcanal MP, Bodo Dettke and current Ministers and Backbenchers in the NCRA Government.

He stressed that the motion is about ensuring quality leadership for the people of Solomon Islands and therefore calls on other well meaning and right minded M-Ps to throw in their support.

The Opposition Leader meanwhile calls for calm amongst the public whilst they allow their parliamentary representatives to freely carry out their moral obligation in replacing the current Prime Minister Danny Philip with a responsible and visionary leader.

Prime Minister Philip however says he is confident the motion of No confidence against him will be defeated on the floor of parliament today.