Hon. Gordon Lilo Darcy was confirmed to have been sworn in yesterday as the country's new Prime Minister by the Solomon Islands Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui.

The swearing in of the new prime minister finally took place hours after it was initially scheduled.

Mr Lilo won a parliamentary vote yesterday, replacing Danny Philip as Prime Minister.

After the results were release, a crowd of around 400 began demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo.

Riot police in Solomon Islands broke up a crowd of protesters after they attacked police and vehicles with rocks in anger at the election of a new prime minister.

The crowd had set a 4pm deadline but then confronted the country's Governor-General, who told them he was powerless to intervene.

Gordon Lilo Darcy was the candidate of the ruling National Coalition for Advancement Government formed by Danny Philip, who resigned as prime minister last week in the face of corruption allegations.

Mr Lilo is the respresentative of the Gizo Kolumbungarra Constituency in the country's Western Province, and gained the support of 29 MPs in the country's parliament in Wednesday's vote.