The Solomon Islands office of the National Parliament have confirmed that today's Prime Ministerial election will be at 9.30am local time.

Speaker of Parliament, Sir Allan Kemakeza will meet Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui when he arrives at Parliament for the election.

As the usual practise, the official notification of the country's new Prime Minister-elect will be made to the public at the Eastern Entrance of the Parliament House.

The new Prime Minister-elect is expected to be sworn in this afternoon.

The Private Secretary to Government House, Nigel Maezama has also confirmed that the Governor General had also appointed five people to assist in this morning's elections.

The five are; Clerk to Parliament, Taeasi Sanga; Secretary to the Prime Minister, Jeremiah Manele, the Attorney General; Billy Titiulu, the Government's House Deputy Private Secretary, Rawcliffe Ziza and a Parliament official, Henry Baeoro.

In today's secret ballot elections the media will also not be allowed inside parliament.