Six candidates have been nominated for the post of Prime Minister.

Special Secretary to the Governor General, Nigel Maezama, confirmed this morning that six candidates were nominated at the close of nomination.

They are: John Moffat Fugui, Gordon Darcy Lilo, Samuel Manetoali, Manasseh Sogavare, Milner Tozaka and Douglas Ete.

John Moffat Fugui was nominated by Charles Sigoto, MP for Rannogga-Simbo; Dickson Mua Panakitasi, MP for Savo-Russells; Commins Aston Meta, MP for Temotu-Nende and Bradley Tovosia, MP for East Guadalcanal.

Gordon Darcy Lilo was nominated by Walter Folotalu, MP for Lau/Mbaelelea; Andrew Hanaria, MP for East Are'are; Hypolite Taremae, MP for Central Makira and David Tome, MP for Baegu/Asifola.

Samuel Manetoali was nominated by Joseph Onika, MP for North-East Guadalcanal; Lional Alex, MP for South Vella Lavella; Manasseh Maelanga, MP for East Malaita and Martin Kealoe, MP for Malaita Outer Islands.

Manasseh Sogavare was nominated by Peter Shanel, MP for Central Guadalcanal; Elijah Doro Muala, MP for South Choiseul; Snyder Rini, MP for Marovo and Dick Ha'amori, MP for West Makira.

Milner Tozaka was nominated by Job Duddley Tausinga, MP for North New Georgia; Moses Garu, MP for West Guadalcanal; Rick Hou, MP for Small Malaita and Clay Forau Soalaoi, MP for Temotu Vatud.

And, Douglas Ete was nominated by Matthew Wale, MP for Aoke Langa Langa; Steve Abana, MP for Fataleka; David Day Pacha, MP for South Guadalcanal and James Tora, MP for Ulawa Ugi.

Governor General Sir Frank Kabui has set Wednesday November 16th as the election date for a new prime minister.

The election of a new prime minister on Wednesday will be presided over by the Governor General.