The Buala Communiqué of the 4th Premier's Conference has passed through parliament's committee of the whole house after one and a half days of debate.

The Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening Walter Folotalu had yesterday moved a motion for parliament to resolve into a Committee of the whole house to consider the communiqué.

The communiqué, which consists of 25 resolutions, was signed by the 9 provincial premiers in Buala, Isabel at the end of the 4th Premiers Conference.

Mr Folotalu tabled the communiqué in parliament for debate with the aim of getting the national government to influence various line ministries to implement 13 outstanding resolutions under the communiqué.

At the core of the communiqué is the call by Premiers for greater autonomy in the affairs of their provincial governments. Many see the highly centralized system of government an obstacle to development in the provinces.

A good number of parliament members spoke in support of the motion.

Meanwhile, parliament has been adjourned late yesterday afternoon after the paper passed through the Committee stage and will resume this morning.