The Premier of Temotu Province, Fr. Charles Brown Beu is calling on Temotu's three Parliamentarians to continue their support towards the current Solomon Islands government.

This call came as the country stands still awaiting the outcome of the proposed motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Danny Phillip, expected to be tabled this Friday in Parliament.

Premier Beu says any new formation of government will only be bogged down with formulation of new policies.

He says that in the past, successive government have always talked about bottom up approach development but did nothing to establish the economic growth centres in the provinces, adding that this is the right step forward.

Premier Beu says this concept of economic growth centre will benefit the country, therefore the National Coalition for Rural Advancement (NCRA)government must be given time to fulfil its policies.

Meanwhile, he says allegations leveled against the present leadership of NCRA government can be resolved through the courts.