As the motion of no confidence looms, a majority of Solomon Islanders living in the provinces say they support the NCRA led government.

The overwhelming response from a majority of those interviewed was that they do not support what a few people in Honiara are doing, claiming to represent the views of the majority.

In random interviews with the national broadcaster, SIBC, a majority of those interviewed in the provinces say that there is nothing wrong with the NCRA government.

"I think the issue was about leadership, and NCRA has already changed its leadership," stated Gary from the Central Province.

"NCRA's policy is centered on rural development and for us they have sorted out the RIPEL issue, a long standing issue even Dr Sikua could not solve, so we trust them."

Others say that the Opposition group should be held responsible if anything goes wrong on Friday.

"It is very clear that the current prime minister has majority support, with 29 of the current 49 MPs," stated one of those interviewed. "So the Opposition clearly has no chance of pushing through with this motion...many have accepted the outcome and so should they."

Many senior figures are now calling on the Opposition to re-think its planned motion.

Prominent Honiara Lawyer Andrew Radclyffe says that it may be inappropriate to go ahead with the motion since the current prime minister won with a "substantive majority."

"If MPs choose to vote against the PM than they should explain to their electorate why they thought he was the right person for the job a few days ago," said Mr Radclyffe.

A former MP, Andrew Nori, is calling on youths in Honiara to refrain from any protests should the motion proceed.