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The High Court hearing tomorrow will be a mention/directions hearing only. This is a normal procedural hearing for the parties to deal with preliminary legal matters to prepare a case.

RSIPF Urges Public to Heed Advice from High Court

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) urges members of the public to heed the information released by the High Court of Solomon Islands about the civil case concerning the election of the Prime Minister.
“If you get caught by police as part of the groups responsible for causing the disturbances in Honiara this could affect the rest of your education."

RSIPF Urges Students to Stay Away from Further Disturbance

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) appeals to secondary and university students in and around Honiara to stay away from any groups that may be planning further disturbances in the capital City.

The Politics of Riots in the Solomon Islands

Riots erupted in Honiara on 24 April after Manasseh Sogavare was elected Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands for the fourth time. In protest, angry crowds hurling rocks descended on Chinatown and vandalized the Pacific Casino Hotel, as they had also done in the aftermath of the 2006 elections.
“At this point in time there is nothing in place…we will see the position of the new government at the appropriate time.”

‘Maintain Status Quo, For Now’: Sogavare on Taiwan Relations

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says that Solomon Islands will maintain ties with Taiwan, although such ties are not ‘hard and fixed.’
In the absence of influence over the political system, economy and employment, and with a degree of social support, men (who unlike women are socialized to fight) will turn to the last resort they have – their physical bodies and their physical ability to use violence.

Riots in Solomon Islands: The Day After

Riots broke out in Solomon Islands on 24 April following the parliament’s controversial election of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.
RSIPF policing the streets of Honiara.

Situation is Returning to Normal: PC Varley

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) reassures the general public in Honiara and business houses that situation is returning to normal.

PM Acknowledges All for Peace and Calm

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has expressed his gratitude to the general public for taking the right steps in allowing law and order to take its course.
Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

Sogavare’s Eligibility Case May Take Months

The case against Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare may take months, this is according to the High Courts.
The Governor General of Solomon Islands, Sir Frank Kabui.

Statement From The Governor General Sir Frank Kabui

Statement from the Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui, on the conduct of election of the Prime Minister.
Australia's High Commissioner to Solomon Islands H.E Roderick Brazier.

Australia's High Commissioner Congratulates Sogavare

Australia's High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands, Roderick Brazier, has congratulated Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare on his election, and pledged to work closely with his government.
Hon. John Maneniaru is now the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

Sogavare Names Five Ministers in New Cabinet Line Up

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has named five Ministers in his new Cabinet lineup.
Manasseh Sogavare giving a brief remark shortly after winning the prime ministerial election.

High Court Adjourns Sogavare's Case to Thursday Next Week

The High Court has adjourned the case challenging the validity of Manasseh Sogavare’s candidacy as Prime Minister to Thursday next week.

It's Business As Usual: Tuamoto

The election of Manasseh Sogavare as the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands for the fourth time on Wednesday spurred isolated incidents of violence and vandalism.
PC Varley confirmed that 50 people have been arrested and charged, and his officers will continue to observe the situation.

Security Situation Under Control: PC Varley

Police Commissioner Mathew Varley says the security situation in Honiara is now under control.
“Respect the law as there are serious consequences for those who disobeys,” he said.

Maelanga Calls for Calm After Riots

East Malaita Member of Parliament Hon. Manasseh Maelanga has called on Honiara community members to remain calm and respect the law after strings of riots erupted in parts of the city yesterday.
This will be Mr Sogavare's fourth time to serve as Prime Ministers, his previous stints being in 2000, 2006 and most recently in 2014.

Sogavare Sworn-in as Prime Minister

Manasseh Damukana Sogavare has been sworn-in as Solomon Islands new Prime Minister by the Governor General Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui at Government House immediately after his election by Members of Parliament.
Honiara’s “madness” began shortly after the election of the Prime Minister – it lasted eight hours, rioters ran amuck, stoning vehicle, shops and properties.

‘Sadness, Fear and Helplessness’: Chinese Shops Targeted as Looters Run Amok

A scene of utter devastation as shop owners, most of them Chinese, pick up the pieces following the rioting and looting by youths after the election of Prime Minister yesterday afternoon.
Mathew Wale delivering his brief statement to local media yesterday afternoon.

Wale and Camp Boycott Election of Prime Minister

Mathew Wale, the candidate of the Grand Coalition for Prime Minister, and all sixteen members of the coalition boycotted the election of Prime Minister yesterday.
RSIPF officers, CSSI officers and Security officers talking to the crowd outside Parliament house yesterday.

Police Arrests 30, Calls for Calm

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has so far arrested more than 30 suspects for offences involved in disturbances in Honiara after the election of the Prime Minister on yesterday morning.
Police say that these are opportunists, taking advantage of the situation.

Police on High Alert

Police are on high alert with reports of riots in various parts of Honiara.

Liquor Ban Extended to Include Thursday

Those that may have reasons to celebrate, or drown out their sorrow, after the outcome of today’s election of Prime Minister will have to wait until Friday.
Prime Minister elect Sogavare making a brief statement following his election.

Sogavare Elected Prime Minister

Manasseh Sogavare is Solomon Islands newly elected Prime Minster – he polled 34 votes to Mathew Wale’s 16.
Deputy Foreign Minister Hsu Szu-chien tried on March 21 to ease the speculation by saying that he and Hou reaffirmed the friendly relations between the two countries during a meeting last month.

Taiwan Monitors Election of Prime Minister

Taiwan is closely monitoring the political situation in the Solomon Islands as the Pacific ally prepares for a vote for a new Prime Minister that could determine the future of ties between the two countries.
The Parliamentary chambers, where the election of Prime Minister is taking place.

Election of Prime Minister Goes Ahead

The election of the Prime Minister has gone ahead despite questions surrounding the eligibility of Manasseh Sogavare, the candidate for the Democratic Coalition for Advancement Government (DCAG).
There is high visibility by the police, in the streets of Honiara and around the Parliament house.

Honiara on Lock Down as MPs Meet to Pick PM

Honiara is on lock down as Members of Parliament convene to select the next Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.
Constituency development funding, or government funds that are allocated to MPs to spend in their constituencies, increased exponentially in the 2010–2014 term, and RCDF allocations remain very high, at between SB$8 and $10 million per constituency per annum.

The Surprising Sameness of the Solomon Islands Elections

There is a new normal for Solomon Islands politics ­– a fund of money makes sitting MPs much stronger than historically.
Commissioner Varley shakes hands with some women after the awareness program.

Say No To Political Violence: Varley

Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Matthew Varley today urged parishioners at the Holy Cross Cathedral in Honiara to help spread an Easter message of peace in the community and to encourage people to say no to any violence during the election of the Prime Minister on 24 April 2019.
Mr Wale confirmed to local media that a letter was sent to the Governor General and he had already responded, saying the decision will be made on the floor of Parliament on Wednesday.

Grand Coalition Questions Legality of Sogavare’s Nomination

The Grand Coalition Group (GC) has questioned the legality of Manasseh Sogavare’s nomination ahead of the election of Prime Minister tomorrow morning.

RSIPF Boost Traffic Checks Ahead of Election of New PM

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) at the Kukum Traffic Centre in Honiara are increasing traffic checks on the capital’s roads as part of the operation for the election of a new Prime Minister on 24 April 2019.
The election of the Prime Minister will be held at Parliament House on Wednesday the 24th of April at 9.30am.

Its Wale Against Sogavare for Prime Minister

At the close of nominations yesterday the two candidates, as confirmed by Government House, nominated by their respective party are Mathew Wale and Manasseh Sogavare.
From initial police investigations it is alleged the woman was raped by male person known to the victim.

RSIPF Investigate Alleged Rape of a Woman in Central Guadalcanal

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Guadalcanal Province are investigating the alleged rape of a 19-year-old woman at the NZ Camp, inland of the Henderson area in Central Guadalcanal on 13 April 2019.
The Solomon Islands is renowned as one of the world’s foremost dive locations.

Solomon Islands Dive Operators to Establish Formal Association

In a major step forward for the future promotion and development of the Solomon Islands dive tourism sector, the destination’s main dive operators have agreed to combine resources to create a formal representative body - Dive Operators Solomon Islands (DOSI).

Comments by Certain MPs Worrying: Dr Kabutaulaka

Some comments by Solomon Islands MPs in the lead up to them electing a Prime Minister are worrying, an academic says.
Police will not be permitting any procession or public gathering from now until the election of the Prime Minister on 24 April.

Police Says Procession or Public Gathering Not Permitted

To ensure public safety, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) will not permit any application for a procession or public gathering to be held in Honiara City as a lead up to the election of the Prime Minister on 24 April 2019.
Those that endorsed and signed Sogavare’s candidacy were the parliamentary wing leaders of all three party, a show of solidarity among the group.

Sogavare Nominated for PM Post

The Democratic Coalition for Advancement Government (DCAG) has nominated Manasseh Sogavare as its candidate for the upcoming election of the Prime Minister.
PC Luciana Binuika  explaining the police awareness pamphlets to an elder at Kukukm Market.

RSIPF Rolls Out Awareness Program Ahead of PM Election

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), National Crime Prevention Department in Honiara are rolling out an awareness program encouraging members of the community to work together as the newly elected Members of Parliament prepare to appoint a new Prime Minister and a new government.
The Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui.

24th April Declared for PM’s Election

The Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui, has declared April 24th 2019 as the date for the election of the Solomon Islands Prime Minister.
Kenilorea has reached out to all leaders to join the Grand Coalition to move the country forward to regain the confidence from the people towards the government.

Peter Kenilorea Jr. Nominated for Prime Minister

The Grand Coalition Group has picked United Party (UP) Leader Peter Kenilorea (Jr) as its candidate for the position of Prime Minister.
The five people were identified following assistance from members of the local communities.

Church Attackers Arrested

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Guadalcanal Province arrested five men on 14 April 2019 following an alleged attack on a church building with rocks while people were praying inside at Makina Village in East Guadalcanal.
DCGA consists of OUR Party, Kadere Party, Democratic Alliance Party and Peoples First Party.

New Coalition Group Formed, Claims 33 MPs

A newly formed Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) has signed a coalition agreement to form the next government.
Inside the Solomon Islands parliamentary chambers.

SIDP Confident of 28 MPs, Still to Sign Coalition Agreement

The political numbers game is shifting yet again with the Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP) claiming 28 members ahead of the convening of Parliament to elect the Prime Minister.
AC Pogeava says, “I would like to thank the relatives and members of the community for their understanding during the cause of the police enquires into the incident.”

RSIPF Contains Tension Between Two Parties in Malaita Province

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) have managed to contain possible tension situation between two rival parties after the death of a male person at Sulufou Island in North East Malaita in an election related incident on 8 April 2019.
With Manasseh Sogavare at its helm, OUR Party could possibly form the base of a possible coalition with Kadere.

OUR Party Claims 17 Independent MPs

OUR Party is claiming that they have 17 Independent MPs, despite being formally registered few days ago.
The registrar of political parties confirmed the endorsement of Our Party to the media.

Sogavare Re-launches Our Party

Manasseh Sogavare, now in his sixth term in Parliament, has relaunched Our Party - a party he formed in early 2010.
New Zealand won the final of the 2018 OFC Under 16 Championship, beating Solomon Islands in a penalty shoot out.

SIFF Given More Time to Appeal Expulsion from U17 World Cup

The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) has been given more time to seek legal advice and make further submissions to the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Appeal Committee, after it was ruled to have fielded an overage player at last year's OFC Under 16 Championship.

Youth Unemployment an Issue for New Government

As lobbying goes into overdrive a simple survey this morning sought views from the public on what key issues a new government should address

Police Investigate Election Related Death

Solomon Islands police are investigating the death of a man near Malaita Province linked to last week's election.
For now and until a formal coalition agreement is signed by the parties and submitted to the registrar of titles, one cannot know for certain.

SIDP Working on a Grand Coalition

Reports are emerging that the Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP) are working on a grand coalition with all the minor parties.
It will probably take most of this week for such discussions to take place – ultimately it will be the Independent MPs that will help form and shape the new government.

Independent MPs Will Dictate Outcome

It is all about the Independent MPs, it always has been.
In a ute paid for by the mining company, he took Newshub to his old village - now just a crater in the red earth.

Mining Company Had No Regard for Graves: Tribal Chief

A tribal chief says he feels regret and shame after doing business with a mining company operating in Rennell Island.
A PRT officer addressing a large crowd at Ringgi.

Police Commends Public for Peaceful NGE Outcome

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) commends members of the public for their great behavior shown during the National General Election (NGE) including during the counting of ballots and the declaration of the results which ended on 7 April 2019.
Marahare praised his players for their first half performance but couldn’t hide his disappointment regarding their effort after the break.

Henderson Eels Looses to Team Wellington

Defending champions Team Wellington have produced a clinical second half performance to brush aside Solomon Islands rivals Henderson Eels 6-1 and book their place in the semi-finals of the OFC Champions League.
Like any good movie one needs a villain, a hero, and a complicated love affair.

Step Aside Voters, Power Brokers Here to Play

The quest to form government is now well underway, perhaps by now camps are being set up, MPs flown in from their respective constituencies, whisked away by waiting vehicles on arrival.
Independent MPs hold the balance of power with 21 of the 50 seats.

Two Parties Battle to Form Government

Two political parties are seeking to form the next government as lobbying intensifies.
Independent MPs are leading the count as counting ends.

Counting Ends, Independent MPs Lead

Independent MPs are leading the count in the Solomon Islands national general elections as focus switches to the formation of government.
The black pigment is in sharp contrast to the vibrant colour of her hair and the silver markings on her face.

Bust of a Woman: Solomon Islands

A sculpture from the Solomon Islands has been highlighted by Samira Sallow in an article in the Ubyssey, a popular student newspaper in British Columbia, Canada.
Rijsbergen is the former national coach of both Trinidad and Tobago and Indonesia and played in the 1974 and 1978 World Cups where the Netherlands finished second.

Former Dutch International Named as Solomon Islands Head Coach

The Solomon Islands Football Federation announced their new head coach via the organisation Netherlands Oceania Support Foundation (NOS Foundation) on Saturday.
Mr Kilman said his group observed some positive aspects of the process and also identified areas that could be improved to enhance the country's democratic process.

Commonwealth Observers Commend Elections

The Commonwealth observer group has commended the commitment of the people of Solomon Islands to participating peacefully in last Wednesday's national election.
Caretaker Prime Minister Rick Hounipwela has retained his seat of Small Malaita.

Houenipwela Returns for Third Term

Caretaker Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela has retained his seat of Small Malaita. He is a member of the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP).
Wood points out that constituency funds are high again in 2019, which would seem to bode well for sitting members.

In With Some New, Still With the Old

Counting for the 2019 Solomon Islands National General Elections concluded late yesterday evening. All 50 seats has been filled, of that 13 are new MPs while 37 are incumbents.

Kandere Party Leads As Results Come In

Kandere is leading the count as results come in.
Lanelle Tanangada, is a graduate from the University of Waikato in New Zealand, and is a teacher by profession.

Tanangada Defeats Lilo in Closely Contested Election

Lanelle Tanangada has defeated, for the second time, former Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo in a closely contested election in the Gizo/Kolombangara Constituency.

Former MPs Perform Strongly As Results Come in

Results so far show that former Members of Parliament are performing strongly.

Dr Togamana Retains Seat

The first official result for the 2019 national general elections has been released by the Electoral Commission.
The organized float parade had imposed great risks to the members of the public and the partakers as well.

No Victory Parades Allowed

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) will take stern action against anyone who organises or participates in any float parade on our roads either in Honiara or the provinces or on our seas to celebrate any winning candidate in the National General Election.
The study shows that almost half the employees surveyed had experienced some form of domestic and sexual violence in their lifetime, with a quarter saying violence occurred at least once a month.

Domestic Violence a Hindrance to Employees

A new study shows employees in Solomon Islands lose more than two working weeks a year due to domestic and sexual violence, with one in three employees experiencing violence in the past 12 months.
The turnout for the Solomon Islands National General Election was strong with some areas reporting 100 percent participation.

Solomon Islands Braces for Election Results

The first results of the Solomon Islands election are expected today as counting gets underway in the country.
Solomon Airlines Chief Executive Brett Gebers (L) and Tourism Solomons Chief Executive Josefa Tuamoto (R) on the tarmac in Munda.

Economic Hopes on New International Route

As Solomon Airlines flight IE715 touched down in Munda on Saturday, thousands lined the fences to greet the unfamiliar sight of a commercial airliner at the community’s tiny airport.
The Solomon Islands U17 team at the OFC U16 Championship in 2018.

U17 Squad Named for Belarus

The Solomon Islands Under 17 team will travel to Belarus to participate in the UEFA U-17 International Development tournament in Minsk later this month.
RSIPF Commissioner, Matthew Varley gave the assurance to members of the Diplomatic Corps, international and regional Election Observers and other stakeholders during a security briefing for the NGE held at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara last week.

No Major Security Threat Expected During Elections

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) assures stakeholders, National General Election observers and citizens of the country that there are no known major threats to the National General Election this week but, “we are planning for everything”.
Acting Permanent Secretary Mr Ferral Lasi signing the MOU to develop Aruligo into a national aquaculture centre.

New Beginnings for Aruligo Communities

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Fisheries has taken the major step forward in realizing its goal to re-develop the former ICLARM site at Aruligo, West Guadalcanal into a National Aquaculture Centre.
The project’s aviation investment includes new communications and navigation equipment, including updated runway overlays, at both Honiara and Munda airports; as well as new airfield lighting, automatic weather observation systems, together with a new fire rescue vehicle station at Honiara, the country’s key international airport.

Airports to Receive Upgrades in Million Dollar Project

Tens of thousands of Solomon Islanders will benefit from upgrades to key roads and two of the country’s biggest airports under a new project supported by a US$30.5 million credit and a US$20.5 million grant approved by the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors.

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