Those that may have reasons to celebrate, or drown out their sorrow, after the outcome of today’s election of Prime Minister will have to wait until Friday.

As part of efforts to curb disturbance before and after the election of Prime Minister the acting Minister for Home Affairs, Ishmael Avui, extended the ban to Thursday.

The ban applies to all liquor licensed premises including bars, hotels and bottle shops in Honiara and Guadalcanal.

It does not, however, apply to hotels and their guests, or restaurants, where such sale is accompanied by food, and not to be consumed outside of the said premises.

The police say it will be out in numbers during those days to ensure that the ban is respected and anyone failing to do so will be dealt with immediately.

“It is important to remember that the ban is critical to ensure there is safety and peace within our communities. It has been proven so many times that alcohol is one of the drivers of crime in our communities,” says Police Commissioner Varley.

"I appeal to all licensed premises and bars in Honiara City to respect this liquor ban and close all the licensed premises and bars in Honiara and do not sell any liquor during those dates.”