The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) appeals to secondary and university students in and around Honiara to stay away from any groups that may be planning further disturbances in the capital City.

“We want to commend you as you have made the right decision to stay away from the small group of people who decided to join the disturbances in Honiara last week following the election of the Prime Minister. We salute you for that,” says Deputy Commissioner, Operations, Gabriel Manelusi.

DC Manelusi adds: “I appeal to you to continue to stay away from any group that may be planning any more disturbances. Think about the future of your education, your family, your community and your country Solomon Islands.”

“If you get caught by police as part of the groups responsible for causing the disturbances in Honiara this could affect the rest of your education. Your parents, members of your family, your community and the Government has invested a lot in your education so don’t disappoint them by joining such criminal groups. These groups will not help you with your future,” says DC Manelusi.

Officers of the National Crime Prevention Department will this week continue to conduct awareness meetings at settlements in and around Honiara to advise people to stay away from criminal activities but continue to observe law and order as good citizens of the capital city.

At the same time, frontline police officers are continuing to conduct high visibility patrols in and around Honiara City. Traffic officers will also continue to conduct traffic checks and Random Breath Tests (RBT) to ensure the roads are safe for all road users.
Meanwhile life in Honiara has returned to normal with all businesses now open and schools have resumed classes.