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CBSI says the improvement in copra and coconut oil industries stemmed from rising export prices during the year which encouraged farmers to increase their production. This is also with the government’s support through the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP).

Copra Jump in 2020 - Central Province Leads Way

Despite the impact of COVID-19 crisis, copra output has jumped from 8055 tons in 2019 to 11,678 tons in 2020 with Central Islands province leading the way in production.
As of day 6 of vaccination yesterday, estimated cumulative total of persons vaccinated is over 2000. With this, only 20 people vaccinated were reported of having minor side effects (stated above) immediately after receiving the vaccine or during the 30 minutes observation post vaccination.

MHMS Responds to “I Almost Died From Injection” News Article

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) would like to provide some important information in response to the news article released this week titled “I almost died from injection”. This is crucial to ensure balanced information both from the patient and MHMS is provided to the public.
The MASI vice president said journalists should also be categorized as front liners as they always have to be at ground zero whenever something happens.

MASI VP Encourages Journos to Get Vaccinated When Time Comes

Media Association Solomon Islands (MASI) Vice-President Douglas Marau has taken the lead in encouraging journalists around the country to be vaccinated when their time comes.
65 years old Allen Waokea from Santa Ana, Makira Province with underlying health condition and his wife received their first COVID-19 jab.

New Order of Priority for COVID-19 Vaccination

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) has revised its order of priority as Day 5 of the Phase 1 vaccination program rolls out.
The que outside the Central Field Hospital where the COVID-19 vaccination program is being implemented.

COVID-19 Vaccination Doubles on Day 4

A day after the Prime Minister issued a directive for all frontline workers to come forward for vaccination the number of people vaccinated on day 4 doubled compared to the first 3 days last week.
“For our economy to recover, we will need to reopen our borders to international trade and international travel at some stage."

Vaccination Necessary for International Trade and Travel: Sogavare

The country’s suffering economy can be resurrected only if international trade is boosted by reopening of international borders and the relaxation of travel restrictions, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says.
"I am disappointed to learn that we have only vaccinated around 600 people in the first three days of vaccination in Honiara”, Sogavare says.

Prime Minister Disappointed with COVID-19 Vaccination Turnout

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare says he is very disappointed with the poor turnout of frontline government ministries and agencies in the COVID-19 vaccination program.
“We are also watching another passenger that travelled together with this person as part of a group of five people that travelled together”, Sogavare says.

One New COVID-19 Case for Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands has recorded its 19th case of COVID-19.
(L-R) Chairman of the SIMA board, Robert Bokelema, a staff from SIMA and MID Deputy Secretary, Jimmy Nuake with the newly launched corporate plan document

SIMA Launches Corporate Plan

The Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA) has launched its corporate plan 2020 - 2023.
Governor General His Excellency Sir David Vunagi taking the vaccination.

Governor General Gets COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccination at the Central Field Hospital in Honiara has entered its second day with the Governor General His Excellency Sir David Vunagi taking the vaccination.
Dr Yogesh Choudhri, MHMS Advisor giving a tour of the central field hospital to the church leaders and reps.

COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness for Churches Underway

Church leaders and other faith group representatives are currently undergoing awareness sessions relating to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.
The newly elected SICCI Board and CEO. (Front row) Qila Tuhanuku, Chairman Ricky Fuo’o and CEO Natalina Hong. (Back row) Kazi Mushfiqur Rahman, Bob Pollard, Craig Gibsone, Namoi Kaluae and Daniel Tucker. Missing in Frank Wickham.

Fuoó Heads New SICCI Board

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) hosted its 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday 24th March, 2021 which allowed members to elect new Board Members for 2021/2022.
The virtual meeting between Biosecurity Solomon Islands and Australian counterparts.

Biosecurity Solomon Islands and Australian Counterparts Hold Virtual Dialogue

A virtual meeting on Regional Trade and Market Access Communication Strategy was held between Biosecurity Solomon Islands (BSI) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) and the Australia counterparts (Biosecurity) last week.
The extension will give time for Parliament to debate and decide whether the SOPE should be extended.

State of Public Emergency Extended for 7 Days

The current State of Public Emergency (SOPE) was extended for another 7 days after it expired 12 midnight last night.
Sogavare said shortly after he was vaccinated that he was over the moon and felt good.

Sogavare First Solomon Islander Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is the first Solomon Islander to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine.
“For the past 40 years it has always been coconut, cocoa and palm oil when talking about agricultural export commodities. It is time to look at other commodities because we need to caution our economy against the unknown," MAL Permanent Secretary said.

Government Committed to Develop Noni Industry

Developing the Noni industry and others like kava and cassava is one of the key policy priority of the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) therefore the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) remains committed to it.
Government Says Finance Stabilized from Deteriorating Further

Government Says Finance Stabilized from Deteriorating Further

The 2020 Government Finance is challenging but was stabilized and the country's economy was prevented from deteriorating, the Ministry of Finance and Treasury said in a press release.
She says reflecting on the COVID-19 one year on, it has provided an avenue for her to pause and readjust herself and her lifestyle.

COVID-19, One Year On

“From now when you look back, I can see that there are a lot of things that have changed. Our lifestyle and the way we do things'', Anna Maesioa recalls.
Prime Minister Sogavare said all national leaders including all members of the National Parliament are also included in the first rollout of the first 7,000 doses of the vaccine to be deployed in Honiara.

PM Amongst First to be Vaccinated Tomorrow

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare will be amongst the first to be vaccinated during the official COVID-19 vaccine launch tomorrow.
He said work has already commenced at the emergency zones along the western border to prepare the list of people to be vaccinated and to identify the locations for vaccination centres.

We Must Vaccinate Everyone: PM

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says it is the Government’s intention to vaccinate every citizen and resident living in Solomon Islands that is 18 years of age and over.
Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers says Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare will be the first person to be vaccinated including the Health Minister plus other high ranked officers.

PM to Take First COVID-19 Jab

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare will be the first to take the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine.
Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccination Alliance, emphasized that “COVAX’s mission is to help end the acute phase of the pandemic as soon as possible, allowing global equitable access to vaccines against COVID-19."

Solomon Islands Receive 24,000 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccines through the COVAX Facility

Solomon Islands became the second country in the Pacific islands to receive COVID-19 vaccine doses shipped via the COVAX Facility, a partnership between CEPI, Gavi, UNICEF and WHO.
"Fellow citizens living along the western border emergency zone, I ask all of you that are above 18 years of age to take the COVID-19 vaccination when the team comes. This is the only way we can collectively protect ourselves, protect our families and protect those under 18 years of age that cannot yet take the vaccines,” Sogavare said.

Border Zone to Receive Bulk of COVID-19 Vaccines

The bulk of the AstraZeneca vaccines that will arrive in the country today will be deployed to the Western border zone where the highest urgency exists to protect our people.
In many developing countries entire indigenous cultures are disappearing, and governments are now pushing to protect traditional languages in national constitutions.

Keeping Our Tradition and Culture Alive in Schools

The Solomon Islands is blessed with various ethnic groupings, who speak their own language and practise their own tradition, culture, and way of life.
Village elder Francis Ibi of Riva community in South Guadalcanal.

Community Cooperation Impressive: Village Elder

A village elder of Riva community in South Guadalcanal says it is quite impressive to see villagers working together in community projects.
Gizo, the picturesque capital of the Western Province.

Strong 5.5 Earthquake Hits Outside Gizo

A strong 5.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded today at 9.39am local time 222 km Southwest of Gizo at a depth of 10km.
Hon. Wale calls on the Prime Minister to discipline his Ministers from this practice which causes political instability at the provincial government level unless it is his government’s policy to do this.

Wale Alleges Meddling of National Leaders in Provincial Government Affairs

Leader of the Opposition Hon. Mathew Wale calls on national leaders not to meddle with provincial government issues for their own interests and those of their cronies and calls on national leaders to respect decisions made by provincial governments.
"We have always been extremely concerned for our Pacific family, for our neighbours, and over the course of this last year, the Pacific community has done such an extraordinary job to substantively keep their islands free of COVID-19," Mr Morrison said.

Australia to Send Coronavirus Vaccines to PNG Amid Outbreak

Australia will ask AstraZeneca and the European Union to fast-track the export of one million doses of the coronavirus vaccine to be able to sent straight to Papua New Guinea as part of a bid to crush the pandemic outbreak in Australia's closest neighbour.
(L-R) Australian High Commission rep Ms Joanne Zoleveke, UNW Alvina Erekali, Contractor Justin Fuo'o, Deputy Premier Randal Sifoni, Provincial secretary Fredrick Fa'abasua at the hand-over.

Market Upgrade Means a Safer, Cleaner Environment for Women Vendors in Auki

The Malaita Provincial Government of Solomon Islands has officially received the additional infrastructure work done to the Auki Market through the Markets for Change [M4C] project.
Excellent Resources Management Limited heavy machineries. The machines have to drive/pass through the Biosecurity land to get to the main road.

MAL Applauds Lands Commissioner’s Quick Action to Take Back Land for Biosecurity Work

A quick action by the Commissioner of Lands (CoL) Mr. Alan Mcneil to take back (resume) the land at Ranadi sold by Honiara City Council (HCC) to Excellent Resources Management Limited an Asian Company for Biosecurity work is highly commended.
Dr. Derek Mane, the Deputy Secretary to the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands and Vardon Hoca, Project Manager for UNDP Solomon Islands during the virtual session on Right To Information.

Right to Information and Freedom of Speech are Key Tools for Good Governance

Experts from Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu in close partnership with the Solomon Islands Office of the Prime Minister and integrity institutions, hosted a virtual informative session on Right to Information sharing best practices for building resilient, transparent and accountable institutions in Solomon Islands.
The group of 68 Malaysians upon their arrival at the Kuching International Airport before they were taken to the quarantine centres, March 16, 2021.

Malaysians Flown Home After Contracts Expired with Various Logging Companies

A group of 68 Malaysians, who were stranded in the Solomon Islands (SI) since last year after their employment contracts with logging companies ended, have left the country.
“Our journey to achieve at least 40 Gold Medals in 2023 start here,” the Prime Minister said.

Sports Facility is Key Legacy for 2023 Games: PM

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has visited the Solomon Islands Institute of Sports (SIIS) to witness first-hand, the progress on the work of the first-ever dedicated investment to Sports Development in Solomon Islands.
The handing over ceremony (L-R) DRM Project Manager Ms. Vini Talai, Director of NDMO Loti Yates, Australian High Commissioner H.E Dr Lachlan Strahan and MECDM Permanent Secretary, Dr Melchior Mataki.

New Mobile Emergency Operation Centre to Boost Solomon Islands Government’s Response During Disasters

The Solomon Islands Government has received a much needed boost to their disaster response efforts through the handover of a fully customized mobile Emergency Operation Centre (EOC), which will ensure continuity of coordination and mobile communication capability in the event of any disaster emergency.
Gathered in a circle around the recorder, the women shared the challenges they face in their community.

We Need Income Earning Activities: Ngalipapa Women of South Guadalcanal

“Income earning activities is what we need to come our way as well”, says the women of Ngalipapa village in South Guadalcanal constituency.
The Ministry of Health of Medical Services (MHMS) is leading the training with funds from the government of Australia through its Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with technical support from the WHO and UNICEF.

Training for COVID-19 Vaccinators Underway

Around 40 nurses from Honiara City Council, Guadalcanal, Western, Choiseul and Malaita provinces who are being selected as vaccinators to administer the first 24,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, AstraZeneca, have gathered as of Monday this week in Honiara for their one-week vaccination training.
“In the first 14 days of March 2021, PNG has already recorded 808 new cases of COVID-19. The number of COVID-19 cases in Bougainville had also increased to around 68 last week and could be even more now,” he said.

Government Tighten Border Operations as COVID-19 Cases in PNG Soar

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says the National Government has stepped up COVID-19 operations at the western border.
"This matter is so important that the government may have to borrow funds for it, as is the case in many other countries around the globe,” the Opposition Leader adds.

Wale Concerned with Current Quantity of Vaccine Supplies for Solomon Islands

The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale, says the government must do more to secure the much needed COVID-19 vaccines for all Solomon Islanders.
He says that that art plays a vital role in preserving the beauty of our culture, our way of life, and transferring that onto a canvas is the power of art.

The Power of Art

Plato, one of the greatest philosophers that ever lived, once said that “If you think your child’s academic studies are more important than the arts, think again.”
The island nations are not the only ones to propose the idea of a levy or tax against GHG emissions. The European proposals are generally about half the amount of the island nations while other concepts go as high as USD$300 per ton.

Marshall and Solomon Islands Demand IMO Set USD$100/Ton Levy on Emissions

With approximately three months to go until the IMO resumes the debate over environmental policies, different factions are already lobbying for their proposals as the best means to realize the goals of decarbonization.
“This is an overwhelming and ethical responsibility that needs sound guidance, ethical leadership and requires a clear vision. I trust that you will discharge your duties with due diligence and integrity."

“Discharge Your Mandate Without Fear or Favour:’’ Governor General

The 4th Meeting of the 11th Parliament has commenced with the traditional Speech from the Thrown by the Governor General, His Excellency Sir David Vunagi.
The Health Ministry says frontline workers will be the first to get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, and this could happen as early as next week.

AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Will Arrive Friday

20,000 AstraZeneca COVID-19 doses will arrive in the country on Friday, health officials have confirmed.
Towns or cities near the epicenter where the quake might have been felt as very weak shaking include Lata (pop. 550) located 110 km from the epicenter.

4.9 Magnitude Quake Recorded Near Lata

A 4.9 earthquake was reported early morning near Lata, Santa Cruz Islands, Temotu Province, Solomon Islands.
SIPA says it extended this initiative to the schools with the hope of instilling knowledge on how to properly throw away rubbish to our next generation, to ensure our city and country is clean and more hygienic in the future.

Solomon Ports 3 ‘R’s Campaign Commences in Schools

Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) this week commenced its rollout of the 3 ‘R’s campaign around schools in the capital City of Honiara.
Japanese Ambassador to SI His Excellency Morimoto Yashuhiro and NHEOC IC Dr Gregory Jilini at the handing over of the items.

Japan Donates Centrifuge Technology and Blood Pressure Manometer

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) has today received three (3) sets of centrifuge technology and 358 blood pressure manometer provided by Japan.
Director of Fisheries, Edward Honiwala.

Stop Illegal Harvesting of Bechedemer: Director Fisheries

“People found illegally harvesting and buying bechedemer in view of the current ban on the marine product will be prosecuted,” warns the Director of Fisheries, Mr Edward Honiwala.
“It has always been our position from the beginning that Mr Djokovic is an indigenous Solomon Islander and therefore a citizen,” Mr. Rano adds.

OPMC Says Djokovic is Still Chief of Staff

The recent High Court decision concerning the citizenship status of Mr. Robson Djokovic in no way impacts on his appointment as the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC).
International Boxing Association (AIBA) President Umar Kremlev has pledged to support the 2023 Pacific Games.

International Boxing Association President Pledge to Support Solomon Islands

International Boxing Association (AIBA) President Umar Kremlev has pledged to support boxing competition at the Solomon Islands 2023 Pacific Games.
Coral bleaching of inshore reefs in the Solomon Islands.

Scientists Say Coral Bleaching in Solomon Islands Worrying

Scientists have identified a widespread coral bleaching event on shallow, inshore reefs that had been previously thought to be less reactive to climate stress, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) said on Saturday.
Ribbon cutting to officially open the safe space. WHO Representative Dr Sevil Huseynova (front left), Julie McCallum, Counsellor for Human Development representing the Australian High Commission (front-right) and MHMS Supervising DSHI Mr Michael Larui (back left) and GP Health Director Dr Joel Denty (back-right).

Refurbished Space at GSH for Survivors of GBV Officially Opened

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) and the Guadalcanal Provincial (GP) Health Authority, together with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Australian High Commission officially opened a refurbished integrated safe space at the Good Samaritan Hospital (GSH).
“People are entitled to know whether their PM and OUR Party are entitled in law to remain in office regardless of this recent High Court judgment,” the Opposition Leader adds.

Wale Calls on Political Party Commission to Investigate Status of OUR Party and PM

Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale calls on the Political Party Integrity (PPI) Commission to investigate the legal effect of the recent High Court findings in the case - Robson Djokovic v Attorney General on the status of OUR Party and the Prime Minister.
“The remaining two will be tested in the next two weeks and if negative will be released”, Dr. Yogesh Choudri of the MHMS told Solomon Times Online.

Solomon Islands Quite Close to Regaining COVID-19 Free Status

All 18 previously confirmed positive COVID-19 cases have now tested negative after repeated swabs were conducted.
Containers of suppliers purchased for the Solomon Noni Company under the Economic Stimulus Package initiative.

ESP Payments Continue

More than half of the approved recipients of the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) program has been processed to date.
Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says he is willing to take the COVID-19 vaccine to demonstrate his confidence in its safety.

“I’m Willing to be Vaccinated to Demonstrate Confidence”: PM

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says he is willing to take the COVID-19 vaccine to demonstrate his confidence in its safety.
“We are proud to contribute as women in the fisheries sector which is an important source of income and food security for many women in the country,” Masu said.

Women in Fisheries Proud to Join IWD Celebrations

Female staff of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources have joined women from other organisations to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) in Honiara yesterday.
Women in Solomon Islands celebrating the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. #ChooseToChallenge

#ChooseToChallenge: International Women’s Day Celebrated in Honiara

It was a colorful occasion, with women celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 in Honiara, the nation’s capital.
“The mission of our Gender Strategy is to improve gender equality and create a workplace that actively values and supports women in all aspects of policing to build a strong and professional police force for all RSIPF officers."

Police Participate in International Women's Day Celebrations

Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Mostyn Mangau and his Executive joined male and female officers of the Force to participate in the match through the main street of Honiara in support of the International Women’s Day (IWD) which was marked in the capital yesterday.
"I celebrate my own struggle and challenges as I remember other women around the world who face the same situation," she said.

International Women’s Day: “I Celebrate My Own Challenges”

#ChooseToChallenge is the theme for International Women's Day 2021.
BSI officers during a destruction operation. At the background is the Biosecurity incinerator house built on the land that has now been sold by HCC.

MAL Condemns HCC’s Action in Selling off Biosecurity Incinerator Land

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) has condemned the action taken by the Honiara City Council (HCC) to sell off its piece of land that housed the Biosecurity incinerator at Ranadi, East of Honiara.
“Looking back, I know that what really make me determined is the need to provide for me and my family," he said.

Trained From the School of Hard Knocks

The phrase school of hard knocks refers to the education one gets from life's experiences, often contrasted with formal education.
“A sector wide approach aims to strengthen sector performances by increasing coherence and complementary of interventions in support of a common policy framework,” PS Frances said.

Agriculture 10-year Growth Strategy Gets Government Inputs

The first ever 10-year Agriculture Sector Growth Strategy and Investment Plan (ASGSIP 2021-2030) has received overwhelming support and valuable inputs from government line ministries as it goes through final stages of consultations before presentation to Cabinet.
These preachers are making references to apocalyptic scriptures from the Book of Revelation that says in the end times the Antichrist will test Christians by asking them to put a mark on their bodies.

Religious-themed Misinformation on Covid-19 Vaccine Worrying

As the government prepares for the arrival and roll out of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine religious-themed misinformation is being peddled by the public.
It is the third quake centered in the Kermadec Islands region this morning. The first magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck at 12.27am (SI time), followed by a magnitude 7.4 at 4.41am (SI time).

No Tsunami Threat to Solomon Islands After Powerful Quake in New Zealand

The Solomon Islands meteorological service says there is no tsunami threat for Solomon Islands after a powerful 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Kermadec Island region, approximately 1,400 km northeast of New Zealand.
Signing the sponsorship is SIFF president William Lai, CEO Leonard Paia and JQY manager Yang Jian Qing.

Beach Soccer Sponsorship Signed

The Solomon Islands football federation (SIFF) has signed a sponsorship agreement with JQY company this afternoon for the National Beach Soccer in May.
"I believe in my creator for all the good things he has done for me and I am truly blessed that I am still here."

"Through God’s Grace I am Still Here"

It was an unfortunate vehicle accident in 2009 that crippled George Thugea, the memory still haunts him but says he is grateful to be alive.
Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, flanked by Asian Development Bank President Mr Takehiko Nakao, and USP Pro Vice Chancellor Mr Winston Thompson during the ground breaking ceremony in 2017.

Flight to Bring in Workers From China for Fourth USP Campus Building Approved

A flight has been approved to come in from Guangzhou, China, this Friday (5th of March) bringing in workers to build the fourth University of the South Pacific (USP) Campus in Honiara.
The goods were destroyed at the MAL Biosecurity Quarantine site at Ranadi, East Honiara.

Biosecurity Destroys Confiscated Goods

Biosecurity officers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) Friday, last week destroyed the dozen of concealed goods which was impounded from a shipment at the Ports International wharf in Honiara on Thursday 25th February.
Temo says from scratch he now owns a small salon in Talise east Honiara – something he never thought possible when he left school.

“Develop Your Talent and God-given Gifts”

It’s a small hair salon, abit cramped when one walks in, but the energy in the room by the young hair stylist makes it very inviting.
The Public Health Emergency Bill 2020 seeks to prevent, limit, contain and respond to outbreaks and spread of disease that are epidemics or pandemics and for related purposes.

Public Emergency Bill on Track

The public health emergency bill is set to go before parliament this coming sitting. Attorney General, John Muria (Jnr) made the assurance at the Oversight’s recent radio talkback show.
Permanent Secretary Stephen Maesiola and Masatoshi Shibata Senior Chief Engineer of CTI’s Project Management Division.

Kukum Highway Phase Two Agreement Signed

A consultancy agreement to begin consultancy services on phase two of the Kukum Highway project was signed in Honiara today (02 February) between the Solomon Islands Government and the CTI Engineering International Co. Ltd of Japan.
Prime Minister Sogavare said from 26 to 28 February 2021, 88 new cases were reported in PNG, an average of 22 cases per day.

"COVID-19 Watch:" PM Beefs Up Security at the Border

Prime Minister Sogavare has ordered relevant agencies to further beef up surveillance at the western border.
“As the minister of the ministry of health, I can assure you that once my turn comes I will willingly take up the COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca. If I or you the health workers are reluctant to take up this vaccine, no one will."

Health Minister; “I Will Willingly Take the COVID-19 Vaccine Once My Turn Comes"

The Minister of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) Honourable Dr Culwick Togamana told health officials and workers who attended the first sensitization training on the COVID-19 vaccine last week Friday that he will willingly take up the COVID-19 vaccine, once his turn comes.
The Prime Minister said to protect our sea borders, in particular Choiseul, Shortland’s and Western provinces, Lord Howe and Temotu in the East, the National Government has also declared these provinces as emergency zones since 10th February 2020.

PM Says Government's Priority is to Protect Citizens

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says the priority of the National Government’s redirection policy is to protect citizens from Covid-19.

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