East Malaita Member of Parliament Hon. Manasseh Maelanga has called on Honiara community members to remain calm and respect the law after strings of riots erupted in parts of the city yesterday.

“As a Malaitan leader, I humbly call on my good people of Malaita who reside in Honiara to stop inciting violence and unwanted behaviours.

“Respect the law as there are serious consequences for those who disobeys,” he said.

He extend the call to other island groups to refrain from those involving in riots and let the court deal with the issue at hand.

“Issue raised up in the political sphere has the court as an avenue for final decisions.

“So we have to accept the PM election results and work together to build our country,” he said adding that government depends on the rule majority to set the course for the next four years.

Hon. Maelanga also sympathizes with those Chinese business houses whom looters ransacked.

“This business houses provide revenue to our country, so illegal activities rioters do will hit our economy harder.

“Therefore let’s talk to our children to respect the businesses and public amenities,” he reiterates.

Source: GCU