The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) urges members of the public to heed the information released by the High Court of Solomon Islands about the civil case concerning the election of the Prime Minister.

“It is very important that people fully understand that the High Court Registrar has clearly said that no ruling or judgment will happen on Thursday 2nd May. The High Court hearing on Thursday will be a mention/directions hearing only. This is a normal procedural hearing for the parties to deal with preliminary legal matters to prepare a case,” says RSIPF Commissioner Matthew Varley.

Commissioner Varley adds: “The RSIPF has received a lot of information that some people are planning to stage protests on Thursday to coincide with the Court hearing. We are concerned that some people mistakenly believe that a judgment or decision will be handed down on Thursday. That is wrong. It is not going to happen.”

“The police ask the public to be aware that the legal process will take time and must follow normal court procedures. People should remain calm and be patient to allow the judicial process to take its course. Do not spread false information, rumours or speculaton about when any decisions of the High Court on the case may be delivered,” says Commissioner Varley.

“Let us respect our judiciary and the proper legal processes. Let us all observe the rule of law.”

The RSIPF is concerned that any protests at the High Court have the potential to be hijacked by criminal opportunists who just want to make trouble.

Commissioner Varley says, “We continue to receive reports that some groups in the community want to organise further public order disturbances to engage in opportunistic criminal activity, using the current political issues to justify their intentions. I want the public to be assured that the RSIPF is well prepared to respond to any incidents of public disorder on our streets in the coming days.”

“I call on all citizens of Solomon Islands to put your hands together and embrace peace for our Hapi Isles. We do not want to experience any repeat of the violence from last week. As we await the due legal process of this High Court case, let’s show the world we are a people who uphold the rule of law and respect our democratic institutions including the Courts,” says Commissioner Varley.