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PM Lodges Complaint Against Vanuatu Court Registrar

Manasseh Sogavare stated during the sine dire motion last week that he will lodge an official complaint, to the Vanuatu government, over the conduct of its Supreme Court Acting Registrar.

SPG Updates: Tennis, Basketball, Sailing

Solomon Islands defeated Team Vanuatu at the losers' final match today at Apia Park winning in straight sets in the team event.

Castles Appointment Dubious: Sogavare

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said the appointment of the former Commissioner of Police, Shane Castles of Australia was dubious.

RAMSI Not 'Running the Show', says Tim George

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare's assertion that RAMSI was the primary enforcer of law and order in Solomon Islands comes as a surprise for the RAMSI Special Coordinator.

RAMSI Not Withholding Information on Guns: George

Allegations that RAMSI was withholding information on the presence of weapons in the community were "simply not true".

PM Apologizes to Speaker of Parliament

The Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, has apologized for asking the Speaker of Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, to leave the chambers during a recent debate in Parliament.

Sogavare Rejects Claims by Kemakeza on GG's Office

The Prime Minister has flatly rejected a claim he intends to appoint the present chairman of the Public Service Commission, Edmund Andresen, as the country's next Governor General (GG).

ANZ Rural Banker Wins Trip to Samoa

Samoa is playing host to the XIII South Pacific Games and thousands of athletes are participating from across the South Pacific including more than 300 athletes from the Solomon Islands.

SPG Update: Beach Volleyball

Solomon Islands men's beach volleyball team conceded defeat to a much experienced New Caledonian side at the Faleata Beach court late this afternoon in straight sets.

SPG Updates: Beach Volleyball, Tennis

Beach Volleyball duo Sam Gwali and James David Waneasi defeated the Northern Marianas today at the Faleata Beach court in the second round of the pool games.

Khan's Statements Misleading: McDermott

Allegations raised that RAMSI is deploying extra troops and police without first consulting the Solomon Islands Police Commissioner is said to be "simply not true".

Moti Questions Legality of RAMSI

Solomon Islands Attorney-General, Julian Moti, has raised a number of questions relating to the legality of RAMSI and its compliance with applicable laws of Solomon Islands.

Dr Sikua Blames Kemakeza for Scholarship Woes

Dr. Derick Sikua has put the blame on the former Allan Kemakeza government for the huge anomalies of tertiary scholarships highlighted in the auditor general's report.

SPG Updates: Weightlifting, Soccer, Netball, Volleyball

Solomon Islands weightlifting sensation, Wendy Hale, finishes her first day with 3 silver medals in the snatch and the clean and jerk categories.

Oti Hails Partnership Between SI and US

Foreign Affairs Minister, Patterson Oti, last week hailed the US assistance to Solomon Islands under a new US-led Pacific Partnership Goodwill Mission.

Constitutional Congress Host Successful Induction

The Constitutional Congress and the Elders Advisory Group have completed a very successful week long induction in Honiara.

Bill Passed to Review RAMSI Facilitation Act

The National Parliament yesterday passed a motion for a review of the Facilitation Act which governs the operation of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands.

South Pacific Games Open in Apia, Samoa

The 13th South Pacific Games opened last night at the Apia Park in Samoa.

Rise in Diabetes Cases Alarming: Soalaoi

Health and Medical Services Minister Clay Forau told Parliament that the leading cause of death in Solomon Islands is cancer, followed by diabetes.

Government Creates Three New Ministries

Three additional ministries will be implemented as part of the government's bottom up approach to service the rural population.

Police Commissioner Intervenes in Arrest

The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner, Jahir Khan, is claimed to have intervened in an attempt by Honiara Police to arrest and charge Commerce and Employment Minister, Peter Shanel.

Boyers Seeks SBD$10 Million Compensation

Member of Parliament for West New Georgia/Vona Vona, in the Western Province, moved a private motion in Parliament seeking SBD$ 10 Million compensation for the residents of Munda.

Domestic Violence Increase Worrying: NCW

The drastic rise in reported cases of domestic violence has prompted calls from the Solomon Islands National Council of Women (NCW) for the tougher laws against domestic violence.

Moti Should Step Down: Bar Association

The Solomon Islands Bar Association, which regulates the professional and ethical conduct of legal practitioners in the Solomons, has called on Attorney General, Julian Moti, to step down.

Government Establishes New Policy Unit

The establishment of a new Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister has been approved.

Kwanairara Clarifies Letter to Ex-Militants

Member of Parliament for North Malaita, Enele Kwanairara, confirms writing a letter to ex-militants in relation to the raid of the police armoury in 2000.

LKP Sponsors Men's Basketball Team

The Solomon Islands Men's National Basketball Team got a huge boost to their Pacific Games campaign with a sponsorship from LKP Hardware.

USP Petition to be Addressed Accordingly: Anga

A petition submitted to the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development in Honiara by government-sponsored students at USP in Suva, Fiji, will be addressed "accordingly".

NGO's to be Made "More Transparent"

A legislative framework requiring all non-government organizations and members of the civil society to be accountable was proposed in parliament.

Letter to Ex-Militant Distributed in Parliament

A letter, alleged to be written by Enele Kwanairara to two prison inmates seeking information on the raid of the police armory in June 2000, has been distributed to MPs in parliament.

Government Increases Ministries to 24

Parliament has passed the Ministers Prescription Amendment Bill 2007. The Bill sought parliamentary approval to increase the number of ministers to 23 instead of the current 20.

Another Logging Company Accused of Abuse

Another Asian logging company, operating at Wairokai in West 'Are 'Are in Malaita Province, has been accused of abusing children and women in the area.

New Foreign Investment Act Attracts Investors

The Foreign Investment Division has released its 2007 quarterly report. The report shows that business investment and employment in the Solomon Islands has continued to grow.

Constitutional Reform is Necessary, says PM

The Prime Minister, in welcoming delegates of the Constitutional Congress and members of the Elders Advisory Group, stated that constitutional reform is necessary if not compelling.

Former Militants Used by Opposition, says Dausabea

The Member of Parliament for East Honiara, Charles Dausabea, accuses the Parliamentary Opposition for fabrication of information against himself and the Prime Minister.

PM on Sexual Abuse Report

Logging companies operating in Makira/Ulawa Province are called on to respect Solomon Islands' laws and employees are urged to behave themselves.

USS Peleliu arrives in Solomon Islands

U.S. Navy ship USS Peleliu arrived in Solomon Islands waters today to provide humanitarian and civic assistance in a planned, coordinated effort with the government of the Solomon Islands.

USP Students Petition Minister

Government sponsored students of Solomon Islands at the USP Laucala Campus in Fiji have signed a petition for payment of their living and book allowances.

Khan Denies 'Carrying Out' Sogavare's Orders

Police Commissioner Jahir Khan says that it is "absolutely wrong," for Opposition Leader Fred Fono to claim that his arrest, along with two others, was a directive from the Prime Minister.

National Soccer Team Draw 1-1 with Queensland Roar

The Solomon Islands national soccer team held the much fancied Queensland Roar to a 1-1 draw at Richlands on Friday.

Malaita By-Elections Prolonged

The by-elections for the Aoke-Langa Langa and East Malaita constituencies, will be held in February next year, according to the Electoral Commission.

Former Militant Arrested

A man has been arrested and charged with offences dating back to 2003.

SBD$4.8 Million Earmarked for Gizo

The Western Provincial Government will benefit from a SBD$4.8 Million dollar project to build a new water supply system for the Gizo Township and to tar seal the Gizo roads.

NDMO Dismisses Claims of 'Missing Millions'

The Solomon Islands National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has dismissed claims made by the Premier of Western Province, Alex Lokopio, of a possible shortfall in tsunami aid money.

Internet Access in Oceania Low

Internet access penetration is "very low" in Oceania, according to founder and President of the Internet Protocol version Six, I-P-v-6, Latif Ladid.

No Confidence Motion Ruled Out

The second motion of no confidence, filed by Small Malaita MP William Haomae, has been ruled out of order by Speaker of the National Parliament Sir Peter Kenilorea.

AG Discontinues PM's High Court Actions

Julian Moti QC informed Parliament that the Speaker's very carefully reasoned ruling on Haomae's latest No Confidence motion, he has been instructed to withdraw the Prime Minister's case.

6.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Honiara

An earthquake, measuring 6.7 on the Richter Scale, hit the capital Honiara at about 20 minutes to 8 last night.

Narakobi to Deliver Key Note Address to Congress

Prominent Papua New Guinean, and currently the High Commissioner of PNG to New Zealand, H E Bernard Narakobi, will deliver a key note address to the Constitutional Congress.

Constitutional Congress Starts Induction next Week

The Constitutional Reform Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister will hold the Constitutional Congress Induction next week from Monday 20th to Friday 24th at the Mendana Hotel.

Solomon Students in USP Still Without Allowance

Government sponsored students of Solomon Islands studying at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji face yet again financial dilemma due to delay of allowance payment.

Millions Spent in Tsunami Relief under Scrutiny

The Solomon Islands Auditor General will probe into how millions of dollars set aside for tsunami relief work in the Western Solomons have been used.

SBD$1 Million Earmarked for Premiers Conference

Rennell Bellona Province will have at least 1 million dollars injected into its small rural economy for the upcoming Premiers Conference, which is scheduled for September 11 to 15.

Law Student Laid to Rest

The funeral of the late Paul Sikoiasi, a law student who died tragically in Port Vila, was held recently in Honiara.

Beat Office to Fight Petty Crime

The Solomon Islands Police have opened a Beat Office at the Central Markets in an effort to fight the growing number of complaints of petty crime in the area.

Opposition Leader Faces Charges

A Name Suppression Order by the defense against naming three Solomon Islanders arrested for allegedly bribing a Member of Parliament has been lifted.

Leadership Code Commission Fines MPAs

The Solomon Islands Leadership Code Commission last week imposed penalties of one-hundred dollars each on members of three Provincial Assemblies.

Speaker Checks Legality of No-Confidence Motion

A second motion of no confidence notice filed by the Opposition "could be out of order".

Police Disgusted over Memorial Defacement

Police officers have expressed disgust over damage caused on the Police Memorial at Rove.

Inland Revenue Explains Tax Relief to Gizo

Members of the Gizo Small Business Association have been briefed on how government will support businesses in the tsunami-stricken areas.

Haomae Moves another No Confidence Motion

The Opposition has moved another motion of No Confidence on the Prime Minister despite the summoning to court of the mover of the first motion Edward Huni'ehu and the Speaker of Parliament.

Police Dismiss 'Underground Army' in Makira

The Makira-Ulawa Provincial Police Commander, George Guna, has called on residents of Kira Kira to stop spreading rumors of the much talked about 'secret army'.

Makira - Ulawa to Empower its Chiefs

The Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, has been invited as a special guest to witness the commissioning of Chiefs in Makira-Ulawa Province on the 17th of this month.

Teachers Face Pay Cut after Re-Levelling

The re-levelling exercise, demanded by teachers in the country, has had some unexpected results. It has been revealed that a few teachers are now receiving lower salaries.

Government Accused of Politicizing SOEs

The Premier of Choiseul province, Jackson Kiloe, says the government is doing harm to State Owned Enterprises, when it handpicks people within its own political circle to board positions.

Solomons Committed to a Modern Corrections System

Minister for Police and National Security, Issac Inoke, said during the closing of the Pacific Corrections Conference that he is committed to the vision of a modern correctional service.

Huni'ehu Withdraws Motion of No Confidence

The motion of No Confidence on the Prime Minister has been withdrawn by the mover of the motion, Edward Huni'ehu, amidst high political drama in the parliamentary chambers.

Youth Minister Urges Calm Ahead of Motion

Youth Minister urges young people in Honiara to refrain from actions that would cause trouble to themselves.

Court of Appeal Dismisses Afeau's Case

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by former Attorney-General, Primo Afeau, who was terminated from the post last year.

Sogavare Faces Motion of No Confidence Today

Tensions are high in Honiara as the Prime Minister, in less then one and a half years in power, faces up to yet another motion of No Confidence - the second since he came to power.

Tragic Death for Young Student

A funeral service for a Solomon Islands student who died tragically in Vanuatu takes place in Honiara today.

Security Boost Ahead of No Confidence Motion

More troops from New Zealand and Tonga are in the country ahead of the Opposition's No Confidence Motion tomorrow.

Minister Lilo Presents Supplementary Budget

The Minister of Finance, Gordon Darcy Lilo, yesterday presented in Parliament a supplementary budget of more than 82-point-seven million dollars.

PM Seeks Court Ruling on Impending Motion

The Prime Minister has served a summons on the intending mover of a no confidence motion in the Prime Minister, East Are'are MP Edward Huni'ehu and Speaker of Parliament Sir Peter Kenilorea.

Ngava Responds to Soccer Critics

General Secretary of the Football Federation, Eddie Ngava, has replied to strong criticisms from the public after the 3 - 1 loss of the national soccer team to the Honiara Select side.

PM Pose 666 Questions to Australian Federal DPP

Manasseh Sogavare yesterday tabled in Parliament a questionnaire containing 666 questions addressed to the Australian Federal Director of Public Prosecutions, Damian Bugg QC.

Speaker Overrules Point of Order on Moti

The Speaker of the National Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, yesterday ruled that Attorney-General, Julian Moti, should be present at parliament meetings as legal advisor to government.

National Parliament Launches Website

The Solomon Islands National Parliament yesterday launched its official website (

Solomon Islander Dies after Brawl in Port Vila

A Solomon Islands student studying at the Law faculty of the University of the South Pacific in Vila, has died following a brawl with security guards at a Vanuatu nightclub over the weekend.

Parliamentary Opposition Member Charged

A Parliamentary Opposition member is among three men charged for conspiracy for unlawful purpose.

New IPAM Complex Dedicated to Late Sanga

The Ministry of Public Service dedicates its new Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) complex to the late East Malaita Member of Parliament, Hon. Joses W. Sanga.

Narasirato Launches New Album

Narasirato Pan Pipe group has been praised for the launch of its new album over the weekend.

Where are the Relief Funds: Lokopio

The Premier of Western Province, Alex Lokopio, has questioned how millions of dollars in emergency relief funds were spent.

Parliament Convenes Today, Motion on Friday

The Solomon Islands National Parliament will convene today in what is expected to be a week of intense lobbying and political maneuvering for the upcoming motion on Friday.

Triathlon Team Ready for Pacific Games

Triathlon Solomon Islands team members competing at South Pacific Games are ready to race after receiving their Solomon Islands racing suits and shoes on Friday.

Government Deplores Attack on Diplomatic Vehicle

The Solomon Islands Government condemns in the strongest term the "deplorable actions" against the official car of the Ambassador of the Republic of China to Solomon Islands, George Chan.

Hooton Ignorant of Australian Law, says Sogavare

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has dismissed claims made by the Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Peter Hooton, that Moti will face trial if extradited to Australia.

National Soccer Team Looses to Honiara Select Side

The Solomon Islands National Soccer team suffered a shocking defeat to a Honiara Select side over the weekend, losing the friendly game 3 - 1.

Australian High Commissioner Clarifies Media Reports

The High Commissioner of Australia, Peter Hooton, stated that an article, published in one of the daily papers in Solomon Islands contained a number of inaccurate statements.

Hooton Clarifies Canberra's Position on Moti

The Australian High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands, Peter Hooton, made a formal statement clarifying certain reports carried by a daily newspaper in Honiara.

Draft Federal Constitution Progressing Well: Sogavare

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says that work on the Draft Federal Constitution is progressing well.

Western Province Hands Over Report on State Govt.

Western Province Premier, Alex Lokopio handed over the document in a brief ceremony in the Prime Minister's Office yesterday morning.

Kira Kira Residents Awaiting 'Mystery Army'

A cargo cult is growing in Kira Kira, the provincial capital of Makira-Ulawa Province. The township is awaiting the appearance of a mystery military platoon.

PM Reaffirms Commitment to RAMSI

The Grand Coalition for Change Government is committed to improve its relationship with the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI.

PM Calls for United Approach by Guadalcanal on Demands

The people of Guadalcanal are urged to take on a coordinated and united approach to discuss matters of their concern.

Prime Minister Commends Guadalcanal

Guadalcanal Province has been commended for being the country's "engine room" since independence.

Women Call for Suspension of Logging License

Women of Western Province are calling for the suspension of logging license of the company whose security officers attacked six women from Vella La Vella.

PM Speaks Out Against Civil Society Letter

Manasseh Sogavare has condemned Civil Society Groups for a letter demanding the termination of Attorney General Julian Moti and Commissioner of the Solomon Islands Police Jahir Khan.

Motion will Plant 'Seed of Truth', says Huni'ehu

The Parliamentary Opposition camp reveals intention of moving a no confidence motion against Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in the next sitting of Parliament.

Basketball Team Seeks Sponsors

The Solomon Islands Basketball Federation has announced an opportunity for a Solomon Island business or person to have naming rights for the National Mens Basketball Team.

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