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Both the TDP and the government have issued warnings calling on teachers to return to work.

It is Not Our Fault: SINTA

The Solomon Islands National Teachers Association (SINTA) says that the government and the Trade Disputes Panel (TDP) should not be issuing warnings over the legality of the strike “as it is an outstanding matter.”

Tourism Bureau Warns of Fallout After Dolphin Killings

Michael Tokuru, head of the Solomon Islands' visitors' bureau, said the recent killing of dolphins, and the international outrage that followed, will damage the country's efforts to promote Eco-tourism.
Classrooms remain empty as teachers remain defiant.

Teachers Remain Defiant

Teachers remain defiant despite a declaration by the Trade Disputes Panel (TDP) that any further strike action by teachers “is illegal as the matter is now before the TDP.”

Strengthened Relationship Highlighted

Last week, Australians in the Solomon Islands came together with various Solomon Islanders to celebrate Australia’s National Day.
As the strike continues today, most of the schools throughout the country will remain closed.

Teachers Begin Sit In Strike

Solomon Islands Teachers today began the nationwide strike with a sit in protest at the Solomon Islands Public Employers Union (SIPEU) in Honiara.
It is understood the villagers decided to return to traditional hunting of dolphins when the deal went sour.

900 Dolphins Slaughtered

900 bottlenose dolphins were slaughtered as the row between the American Earth Island Institute (EII) and Fanalei villagers continued.

2012/13 Tropical Cyclone Season Underway

The 2012/2013 tropical cyclone season has been a busy one and we have not yet reached the peak of the season.
According to the Fanalei spokesperson, the villagers have to resume to dolphin hunting for their survival, a practice they have been doing for many generations.

Villagers Resume Dolphin Hunting

Villagers of Fanalei in South Malaita, Solomon Islands, have slaughtered about 700 wild dolphins after claims that the Earth Island Institute failed to honor its agreement.

Solomons Reaffirms Support to Fiji

The Solomon Islands has reaffirmed its position on supporting the electoral reforms to be implemented by the Fijian government.

Doctor Needed for Lata Hospital

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Health is now in a desperate rush to look for a Doctor for its Lata hospital after it’s only Doctor died recently.
Chief Justice Shares Concerns

Chief Justice Shares Concerns

Solomon Islands Chief Justice, Sir Albert Palmer has shown great concern for young law graduates who are going into private practice without proper training and mentoring from other senior and experienced lawyers.
It's estimated the government will need millions of dollars to for the outstanding benefits of the teachers.

School Holidays Extended

The Solomon Islands school holidays has been extended for another week by the Ministry of Education, while they work to solve Teacher’s demands.
Capital FM 107FM boss Moses Stevens has been told to shut down.
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PFF Praises Cool Heads in Vanuatu

PFF, Rarotonga, COOK ISLANDS -- An exchange of letters is an admirably measured response to disagreement in Vanuatu over licensing and ethics at a capital radio station, says the Pacific Freedom Forum.
Mr. Lansley said police will work with the community to identify people responsible for the burning of the police post and deal with them accordingly.

Police Continue Investigation into Police Post Burning

Police officers will be sent to Mbabanakira, on the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal within the next few days to investigate the burning of the Police Post earlier this month and to investigate other matters that are still active in the area.

International Flights Disrupted

Solomon Airlines announced today that its Airbus A320 aircraft is experiencing some technical difficulties. As such all its scheduled international services operated by the A320 aircraft will be experiencing some disruptions.

Makira-Ulawa Province Crippled by Storm

Makira-Ulawa province is still recovering from the effects of tropical cyclone Freda. Although the category two storm did not make landfall, the torrential downpour caused massive flooding and damaged critical infrastructures.
It seems likely classes will not resume next week.

Nationwide Strike Looms

All indications are pointing towards a nationwide strike by teachers, creating massive disruptions to upcoming classes for students.
“Our identity as a people and tribe, our livelihood, our pride, our history, they are all tied to the land,” he said.

Landowners Oppose Nickel Mining

Land owning tribes in south-eastern parts of Choiseul have lodged a petition to the ministry of mines and energy opposing the proposed nickel mining operation by Sumitomo mining group.

Australian Medical Specialists to Visit Solomons

An Australian volunteer specialist medical team on the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) will be working with their counterparts at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara next month.

Forum Questions Citizenship

The Malaita Ma’asina Forum has called on the Government to confirm whether certain Asian businessmen were granted Solomon Islands citizenships prematurely.

Teacher's Continue with Plans for Strike

The Solomon Islands National Teachers Association executives have decided to proceed with its planned nationwide strike following disclosure that the Government had never initially budgeted for the re-leveling of its teachers.
Ngella will finally get to got to the polls after Mark Kemakeza lost his seat after a high court ruling.

Ngella Constituency to go to Polls

The Solomon Islands Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui, has declared through an extraordinary Gazette yesterday that the By-Election date for the Ngella constituency will be on the 27th February 2013.

Theft Compromises Bridge Safety

The permanent secretary of the ministry of infrastructure development has expressed disappointment over the theft of specially designed fences at the entrance of bridges over Tamboko and Sasa river.
Students waiting to begin classes have to wait and see how government responds this Thursday.

Teachers Prepare for Strike Action: SINTA President

President of the Solomon Islands Teachers Association (SINTA), Samson Faisi, says teachers are now preparing for a nationwide strike given governments inaction over certain claims lodged late last year.
Papua protestors under arrest by Indonesia authorities.

Indonesia Brutality towards West Papua "medieval" - PFF

PFF, Rarotonga, COOK ISLANDS -- Killing, beating, abducting and jailing journalists in West Papua remains the most immediate issue in regional affairs, states the Pacific Freedom Forum.

The Heartache of our Education System

By now a good majority of young Solomon Islanders between the ages of 14-20 will know of their educational fate. Some have made it through the system, a good majority have not.

Outstanding Issues Must be Addressed: Panga

Former Premier of Guadalcanal Stephen Panga says two key issues raised by the province remain unresolved. Mr Panga says these two key issues have been ignored by successive governments, with no clear policy direction.
Teachers in the country are uniting ahead of the proposed strike.

Solomon Islands Teachers Unite Ahead of Proposed Strike

Teachers in the Solomon Islands are standing behind the proposed nationwide strike issued by the National Teachers Federation (SINTA).
A lawyer who spoke on the condition of anonymity also says that the case against the Prime Minister is “largely a moral or ethical one, and not a legal case.”

LCC Must Prove Neutrality

A former MP, Alfred Sasako, says that the Leadership Code Commission (LCC) has an opportunity to “prove its neutrality and independence when it takes on the alleged misconduct in office of the Prime Minister.”
Hon. Gordon Lilo Darcy will be taking legal action on the allegations against him.

Online Forum Welcomes Legal Action

Online group, Forum Solomon Islands International says it welcomes any legal action being launched against it by the country's Prime Minister, Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo.

Arsonists Linked to Burnt Police Station

The Royal Solomon Islands Police say that they are not ruling out the possibility that escaped fugitives could be linked to a recent fire that destroyed a village police station.

People Alliance Party to Hold Convention

The Solomon Islands People's Alliance Party (PAP)will hold its National Convention coming February to elect its new leaders.
Dr John Konam (left), with cocoa seedlings at the Post-Entry Quarantine Facility.

Cocoa Development Program for Farmers Launched

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL), is launching a new program of participatory cocoa development to improve the cocoa planting material for farmers.
Scholar Aitora from CEMA and Judy Tarailopo of AusAID inspect a solar drier.

Cocoa Solar Driers Under Trial

A small research trial is currently underway at the cocoa garden in Black Post, Solomon Islands, to test two simple solar driers to dry cocoa beans.

Government Seeks to Revive Cash Crops Affected by Cyclone Freda

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) says the government has pledged to assist with the replanting of cash crops wiped out by flooding from Cyclone Freda.
The incident occurred at the village of Babanakira, which was at the centre of ethnic violence just over a decade ago.

Police Blame Arsonists for Station Fire

Police are blaming a group of arsonists for the fire that destroyed its station on the Weather coast of Guadalcanal.

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