The quest to form government is now well underway, perhaps by now camps are being set up, MPs flown in from their respective constituencies, whisked away by waiting vehicles on arrival.

This is probably the ugly side of government formation in this country, all the citizens or voters, who, less than a week ago, were packed in boats like sardines to go vote, have no say in what will unfold in the coming days.

Now that the elections are over, power brokers will come out to play - welcome to episode one of the eleventh parliament. Like any good movie one needs a villain, a hero, and a complicated love affair.

It is no secret that lobbying involves huge amounts of money – someone needs to pay for the hotel bills and other related expenses (like huge amounts of cash to lure support). The villain in this episode, obviously, are those power brokers dishing out cash to form the government they want.

No secret who they are, the ones with the object to plunder the resources of the country. It is hard to break loose from such influence, one needs cash and they got cash.

It seems clear that we need a hero, someone to come rescue us from ourselves. RAMSI had some elements of that, but they are now gone. A good hero can be hard to find. A hero is selfless, a genuinely good person, and someone who gets the undivided attention of all of us and causes change. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast fits the bill.

That complicated love affair? Well it’s up for review, with money changing hands already. Like any 02 in a relationship, we will be flooded with gifts and flattery - but once all the fun and games are over, well they normally move on.